Monday, 7 December 2015

Blogmas Day 7 : Soap & Glory #PINKFRIDAY

Hi lovelies!

So, last Friday (27th November) I entered Soap & Glory's competition on Twitter. This post is not meant to come across as 'bragging.' I'm just extremely grateful and insanely excited with the amount of products I received.

Just to point out... #PinkFriday was their version of 'Black Friday' as that's what day it was. As it was a competition, I never expected to receive lots of products or even full sized products. When I got my parcel I couldn't believe my eyes, it was huge and so so heavy! Of course I had to open it straight away and see what was inside.

As soon as I undone the bubble wrap, I was speechless as so was my mum. Each product was wrapped up individually so neat and perfect with their very own gorgeous tissue paper. I looked in the box and I just thought "wow, how much stuff is actually in here!?" I also had a very thoughtful note from them too.

So, lets take a look at what was inside...

Can I just point out that this product is massive! I love Soap & Glory's shower wash products. It smells like vanilla, it's a very strong smell once applied onto the skin. Plus, you smell amazing once you come out of the shower. I also love the smell of vanilla, so that's a win for me!

Ok, so lets be honest. Who knew that Soap & Glory brought out a bb cream? (I'm guilty). This is an all in one primer, moisturiser and UV-protector. I haven't yet tried this product as don't use bb cream but I will be using this from now on!

Well, what can I say? It's another body wash. Need I say more? Again, this also smells like vanilla but a much more sweeter scent than 'Whipped Clean'. My skin feels soft after using this product (like all of S&G wash products).

You will never believe how happy I was when I saw that I had this! I was so close to buying it the other week. I have always wanted to try this out and now I have (dream come true). This creates the perfect winged liner. It's also felt tip like so you can't make a mess unlike those brush liners. Don't you just hate those? Especially if you have a very shaky hand.

I love a good moisturiser. As my skin is very sensitive, I thought that I would have problems with this. I'm allergic to quite a lot of products, so I was incredibly happy once this was on for a few hours and didn't cause any problems. It smells gorgeous and very fruity. Huge thumbs up from me!

I don't use night cream, as they call it. I usually just take my makeup off, tone and moisturise. I suppose this does the same thing as moisturiser but hydrates more I guess, shout me if I'm wrong. My mum uses night cream though so I may give it to her. Top daughter. It smells pretty much the same as the day moisturiser but sweeter. 

I don't use body butter as much as I used to but I will definitely be using all of this up. I can't even describe the smell, it smells exactly like another Soap & Glory body wash I own. Although, that doesn't really help at all. It smells quite fruity but strong.

Again, I didn't even know that this existed by Soap & Glory. The pillow plump XXL has been injected with 3XL-Peptide Plump complex. I haven't used this myself but my sister has. She said that it's like putting on a normal lipgloss but it's very tingly. Looking at her it looked like a pretty nude lipgloss but it didn't seem to 'plump'. She couldn't notice the difference either. It also doesn't have a very delightful smell, it smells of flowers but mixed with something else.

Just look at the colours though! These are perfect colours for me! I'm so happy with this! It's like a little compact with a mirror. Can I just say that there's so much pigment in this product too. Wow.

Where do I start!? I have never smelt a body wash product as strong as this! Honestly, it is very strong but such a gorgeous smell! It smells of limes and reminds me of holidays and lemonade with limes on the side of the glass. Wow. I am in love with this product and I am so impressed! If only I could send you a sample of it through the screen..

My last product is the sugar crush body scrub, near enough the same product as above. It smells the same, it leaves me feeling soft the same. It's just a scrub. Honestly, it doesn't look very pleasant but once the smell has sunk in your nose and it's on your body, it's bloody gorgeous! Trust me, I've never felt and smelt so clean. Get yourself some of this.

Thanks for reading this very long post, it was all worth it! Once I went through all these products, I thought to myself "wow, this must've been expensive." So, me being me (curious), I clicked onto their website and added each product up. The total came to £100 exact.

How amazing is that! It's so generous and I'm absolutely grateful. I feel like Christmas has come early! I just had to share the amazing products with you guys. I still can't believe that I've won a competition with one of my favourite brands of all time.

Thank you again, Soap & Glory.

Check out their site: here.
Follow them on Twitter: here.


  1. Awww congratulations on winning the competition! You have got some amazing products - I love Soap and Glory so much!! Especially the sugar crush range!

    1. Thank you lovely! I'd never even heard of the sugar crush range before, it's so so lovely, I'll be buying more x