Friday, 4 December 2015

Blogmas Day 4 : My Favourite Things About December

We're finally in December! I absolutely love the month of December and I'll list you the reasons why...

The weather - Cold, rain, even snow! Winter is one of my fave seasons. I love to wrap up warm when it's cold, which takes me onto the next one..

Being cosy - I love to wrap up in cosy scarves, fluffy coats, getting snuggly in blankets etc.

Blogging - Blogging about Christmas and winter in December, all wrapped up in blankets on the sofa is just so perfect no matter what time of the day it is.

The fashion - There's nothing better than A/W fashion. Jeans, jumpers, jumper dresses, tights, boots, scarves... I could go on.

Watching TV - I find that I love watching TV a lot more in the winter months but I don't even know why.

Dark mornings & evenings - I love waking up and travelling to places when it's still dark. I also love how dark it gets at like 4pm. Some people call me crazy that I love this but I just prefer it than waking up and going to sleep when it's light outside. Nope.

Christmas! (Obviously..) - Shopping, decorations, organising and wrapping Christmas presents, family time, and looking forward to Christmas knowing that it's getting closer.

Do you like the month of December?

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