Tuesday, 29 May 2018

5 Life Goals I Want To Achieve

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After reading Lisa's blog post on her future goals and plans, it gave me huge inspiration to share with you all my very own. Considering I'm 21 next month, I'm still really young, however some of these goals I would love to achieve in the very near future.

Liam and I still live with our parents, however we have both been saving up a certain amount each month to be able to afford to move into our own home. We haven't really thought much about whether it would be renting or buying. There are so many pros and cons to each but we will talk more about it and do more research on it once we've saved up enough ££££. Let's just say, there's still a long way to go yet...

When I was really little I had always wanted to get married, like in fairytales. You meet your prince charming, get hitched and live happily ever after. However, when I was growing up, everyone said "don't get married, it'll just ruin your life". So I thought, what was the point? You spend all that money for one day and just sign a piece of paper and then will probably get divorced in twenty odd years. Looking back now, how sad is it that some people had been so negative and ruined my childhood dreams of getting married.

Being in past relationships, I had never wanted to get married to them or even thought about it. Now this is going to sound really cheesy, but since being with Liam, I have never wanted something more. I know what true love is and I know the meaning of marriage. We have spoken about it and luckily, he wants the same. I honestly can't wait for the day he pops the question.

I have always wanted kids, either two or three. I see so many people that I went to school with announce that they're pregnant or they're now having their second child. I love watching pregnancy and birth vlogs. Don't even get me started on One Born, I love it! I can't wait to have a cute little bump and to make something that's a part of me. I'm so broody!

Lots of people think I'm crazy for wanting to do this. I was going to do it for my 21st birthday but I never ended up planning it in time. Luckily, I'm not scared of heights and I love the adrenaline rush. I will do it one day though.

I never had the chance of learning Spanish in school and considering that I had always wanted to learn it, I ended up on Duolingo a few years ago. I had a little notebook where I wrote things down and which I revised with. I loved it. It's such a pretty language to learn and the country is just so beautiful too. I'll have to dig my notebook back out and start again.

Have you thought about your future plans?

Saturday, 26 May 2018

Brows: Pencils, Pomades and Powders.

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Remember the days when brows weren't that much of a 'big thing'? Looking back on pictures of my high school days, it looked like I just had a massive forehead and no brows. You gals with light blonde eyebrows will know exactly what I mean. LOL. When I left high school, I discovered eyebrow pencils. I was using my Rimmel brow pencil for about a year, it weren't that great and I didn't really know how to use it. I just made light strokes over my brows to give them a colour. I may as well have just tinted them, why didn't I do that anyway?

I then moved onto using an eyebrow powder alongside the pencil. I used the pencil to outline my eyebrows and fill in any patchy areas and then filled them in with the powder. This routine seemed to work quite well but when I started getting more into makeup, I wanted them darker. Using powder is such a long winded process as it's so light, you have to keep building the colour up. Plus, it also fades throughout the day if you don't use an eyebrow gel after to seal them in place. I soon realised powder weren't for me and that's when I turned to pomades.

Eyebrow pomades have always worked wonders for me. They're pigmented, you can create precise hair strokes, you can fade with it or build the product up. I've found that they're the best to use for my light eyebrows. Sometimes when I have freshly tinted brows, I stick to the pencil for a few days until the tint fades so the colour isn't too harsh.

What products do you use for your eyebrows?

Tuesday, 22 May 2018

Bondi Sands Everyday Liquid Gold Review

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bondi sands everyday liquid gold oil

The good ol' Bondi Sands brand is featured on my blog again. I have just been loving it the past couple of months. This little diamond can be used in different ways which is why I love it. When I tan, I use the Bondi Sands dark foam, leave it on overnight and rinse it off in the morning (like any other tan). However, when my tan starts to fade, instead of exfoliating it all off and starting again, I just apply the Bondi Sands Liquid Gold dry oil. 

It has the same scent as the rest of the Bondi Sands range which is coconut. You simply spray the oil into the palm of your hands or on your body and rub it in. Some people use a tanning mitt but I find it soaks up the oil, it doesn't stain my hands anyway so I don't bother using a mitt.
To keep my tan that I already have on looking fresh, I just spray the product into the palm of my hand and apply to any areas that are patchy or that have faded. The dry oil matches my tan perfectly which I was actually shocked about as I was expecting it to be a different colour. The oil doesn't have a guide colour like the foam does but I've always found that it has applied evenly.

bondi sands everyday liquid gold review

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I use the dry oil instead of my normal foam tan to tan my face, feet and hands as I have more control of it and it looks more natural. I don't know what it is, but every single time I tan my feet, they go SO DARK. But, the dry oil has saved my feet and actually make them look decent.

I also use this dry oil if I've decided to go on a spontaneous night out and I haven't tanned. I simply just apply it to the areas that will be seen or if I have enough time, I apply it everywhere. Bondi Sands states that it dries very quickly, although, I find that it is tacky for about 10-15 minutes, which really isn't that bad. It's great to get dressed straight after and not worry about catching your tan on anything or prancing around the room waiting for it to dry. The tan develops over time and you can see the results very quickly. 

I love this little product. It's great to top your tan up and keep it looking fresh as well as giving you that natural glow. Everyday Liquid Gold 270ml retails at £13.99.

Have you ever tried anything from Bondi Sands?
Tuesday, 15 May 2018

Why Coming Off The Contraceptive Pill Was The Best Thing I Did

Todays post is a bit of a long one so grab your snacks and get comfy. Just a little disclaimer before you read on... I have nothing against other gals that are on the pill and I'm not writing this to cause disagreement nor am I writing this to put people off going on the pill or that already are on the pill. Everyone and their bodies are different. This was my choice and my own personal experience.

I started my period back when I was eleven years old, a day before my twelfth birthday. It was just a normal girls period that happened every month. However, I noticed that my periods got more and more heavier as the years went on. At the age of just fifteen, they were extremely bad. I used to wear three pairs of knickers to bed but I still leaked through the pad, through the three pairs of knickers, through my pyjama bottoms and onto my bed sheets. This happened every month I came on my period for the first two nights. Throughout the day, I must have changed my pad every twenty minutes. Girls, I can't even make this up.

TMI - but once I changed it and stood up to pull my jeans up. GALS YOU KNOW, THE FLOW HAPPENED, every single time I changed my pad. 
There was one time when I was on my period for TWO WEEKS. I was pale and I lost a lot of weight and energy and that was the last straw for me and my mum. Mum took me to the doctors and they tested me for all sorts but everything came back ok. The doctor suggested going onto the contraceptive pill to help with my period flow so that's what we all agreed on.

I can't remember the name of the first contraceptive pill the doctor put me on but I was always incredibly tired and suffered with horrendous headaches. The doctor then put me on another one, and again it made me feel so unwell and also didn't help with my periods. So, another trip back to the doctors and he put me on Rigevidon and finally, I was settled with it and had no problems. I was on this certain pill for a good few years. I think I eventually came off of it when I was around 18 and a half. The positives to me being on the pill were that my period pains were minimal and my periods got incredibly lighter over time.

However, my sex drive was shit - I just weren't interested in sex at all. I was depressed and moody 95% of the time, I weren't happy at all. I weren't me. In the meantime, I had read a lot of horror stories online about the contraceptive pill - especially Rigevidon which of course scared me. I know it shouldn't, but it did. That wasn't what made me stop though. I know what you're thinking, 'but you went on the pill in the first place to help your periods??' I was still young and at the age of eighteen, I really thought about my choices to come off the pill. I was more grown up and I thought back to when I was on the pill, I was so young and no young teenage girl deserved to live a life being moody and depressed and that weren't interested in sex. I wanted to be like the rest of my friends, fun and sociable!

 I had used condoms before and they've split around three times I've used them for contraception. So whatever you use for contraception isn't 100% anyway - which I already knew, of course. I'm young and I'd rather use condoms and get him to 'pull out' than fuck my body up with meds - that's just my personal opinion. From then, I went back to the doctors and came off the pill.

Since coming off the contraceptive pill, my sex drive has increased and I feel like I'm myself again. I've also felt so much better about my body and been more body confident. Although, I haven't missed the horrendous period pains and yes my periods are heavier again but no where near as heavy as I used to be a few years ago, which I'm super lucky about!

Are you on the pill or thinking about going on the pill?