Monday, 21 December 2015

Blogmas Day 21 : Christmas Pantomime - Snow White

Yesterday me and my boyfriend, Josh, took a trip to our local theatre for the Christmas panto, like every year.  This year it was Snow White and I have been so excited ever since we booked it. And just to say, Josh bought an apple keyring as soon as we walked in the building doors.

I'm not going to ramble on too much in this post as it would probably be boring, but here's how I found it...

P.S - An amusing fact for you all, I have danced on this stage!

We sat at the top on the front row. We were sitting far on the left so we did have a bit of a restricted view of the stage, but honestly it wasn't at all bad, I would sit there again.

There was also snowflakes projected onto the walls of the theatre, it suddenly felt much more festive. Is it just me or does the Christmas pantomime make you feel much more Christmassy? And, they were playing Christmas songs before it started.

Obviously there was all the main characters like Snow White, the evil queen etc. But every year there's two characters that aren't usually part of the story but they're just there to make it much more of a comedy. The two actors that caused the comedy told a lot of jokes and I'm sure that everyone in the building was laughing at them.

The acting and dancing was brilliant. I'm quite surprised at how everyone remembers everything, they must practice loads!

I weren't very amused that the queen's mirror was a TV with a pre recorded newsman from Look East on, they could of at least made it original. They sang and danced to normal songs and didn't use any of the actual songs from Snow White. For example, the queen sang 'Black Magic' from Little Mix and Snow White sang 'Do-Re-Mi' from the Sound of Music. Something I wasn't very happy about at all was the dwarves. They were all puppets and they had completely normal names compared to the usual, 'Happy and Sleepy' etc. 

Overall, it wasn't very original but it kept me entertained the whole way through and I loved it!
It started snowing at the end which felt magical. Obviously it wasn't real snow, but it still felt magical.

Do you ever go to the Christmas panto?

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