Sunday, 18 August 2019

New In My Skincare Drawer: Charlottes Magic Cream

charlotte tilbury magic cream review

charlottes magic cream review

I've never really found skincare exciting, but when it's Charlotte Tilbury and the packaging is a winner, I'm all for it! With its rose gold mirrored lid and octagonal design, it really lured me in.

The moisturiser itself is very thick, although it isn't at all heavy on the skin. You really don't need a lot of product to cover your face and neck as a little does go a long way. Also, considering the amount of product you get in 50ml, the price of £70 is pretty damn good! After using this magic cream for several months, I now use it as my everyday moisturiser. It's also a great base before applying makeup. 

People have said that this cream is more aimed towards those with dry and dehydrated skin rather than oily and combination skin types. However, Charlotte Tilbury herself, says that it can be used on all skin types. I have combination skin and I've found that it's been absolutely fine for me! Although, those of you more on the oilier side or with acne, maybe avoid this, just because it is such a rich cream.

Have you tried Charlottes magic cream before?

charlottes magic cream blog review

Monday, 12 August 2019

Lush Think Pink Bath Bomb Review

lush think pink bath bomb review

lush think pink bath bomb review blog post

I was more excited than usual to try this particular bath bomb just because it's pink and covered in glitter. Apparently Lush has upped their game with the new and improved Think Pink bath bomb, and the old one is nothing compared to this one. 

Think Pink is fairly similar to Lush's Comforter bath bomb in the way it disperses in the water. Containing citric acid, tonka absolute, vanilla absolute and neroli oil, it definitely does smell insanely sweet! I am all for warm, sweet vanilla scents which is why I think this bath bomb is my favourite by far! Also, as Think Pink contains lavender oil, it's a great one to relax in the bath in too.

When popped into the water, it leaves trails of pink and white and then all of a sudden, the bath is MEGA glittery! I actually thought I would come out of the bath looking like a glitterball but it was actually alright. After draining the water out, the bottom of the bath was covered in silver glitter but it was surprisingly easy to wash away. This is definitely more of a luxurious and girly bath bomb from Lush and I'll definitely be purchasing it again.

Sunday, 4 August 2019

Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation Review

estee lauder double wear foundation review

estee lauder double wear foundation

I have recently been reaching for the more higher-end products instead of using the same ol' drugstore makeup. One foundation I've been meaning to try for ages is the Estee Lauder Double Wear which I got colour matched to as 2C2/pale almond. Firstly, this is the first ever foundation I've used without a pump - it's just so much easier with one isn't it! You probably could buy pumps separately but I'm not 100% sure on that. The frosted glass bottle is a very simple, yet luxurious design and it's definitely not lightweight. 

The product itself is very runny so you have to give it a good shake before pouring it onto your brush/beauty blender. Considering that it's such a runny consistency, it really does give that full coverage. It's so easy to blend and a little really does go a long way! I find that you have to be fairly quick to apply it as it dries quite quick, however I use my beauty blender instead of a brush for better application. 

As I have combination skin, my oily forehead and nose still tends to shine through the foundation half way throughout the day and because of that, it transfers a little but it's nothing horrendous. Nearer to the end of my day, I find that it fades a lot from the blemishes and dark under eye circles which I find a little annoying.  
So, I would only wear this foundation on a day to day basis. If I was going to an event or on a night out, I would stick with the Nars' weightless & luminous foundation. 

Have you tried double wear? What's it like with your skin type?