Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Three From Lush.

lush haul 2019

what i've bought from lush

It's been a while since I've taken a well deserved trip to Lush. Every time I go in there, I just want to buy everything, I literally have to control myself from spending my money on everything in sight.

My all time favourite lip scrub from Lush is the bubblegum one. However, I have recently discovered that they do a pumpkin spiced lip scrub and I couldn't wait to get myself into Lush to get my hands on it. As you can imagine, it smells absolutely gorgeous. It also tastes delicious too, it's not the same as a pumpkin spiced latte but it's still delish. It's just Autumn in a pot. If you know me, you know Autumn is my all time favourite season, so I can't wait to use this 365 days of the year to be honest.

Of course I had to pick up the sparkly pumpkin bubble bar. I've had this before and it is one of my favourite Lush products for this time of the year. It's autumnal and glittery, what more do I need? The scent of the sparkly pumpkin is divine. I love having a bath using this bubble bar with a good ol' autumnal yankee candle burning - so refreshing and relaxing for sure.

A new little number for me is this gorgeous purple, of course sparkly, goddess bath bomb. It smells beautiful, it's florally yet musky - so it's a very curious scent but it definitely works! A lot of people have said that they can't smell it once in the bathtub but I can't comment on that as I am yet to have used it. I love the coved and rounded design of this bath bomb, it's definitely unique.

Have you popped into Lush recently and bought any goodies?
Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Non-Halloween Makeup for Halloween

non halloween makeup for halloween

Halloween is just around the corner and the week of Halloween is when I usually like to change up my everyday makeup. I like to use deeper, darker colours around this time of the year now. As I don't do much for Halloween now, it always makes me feel better if I've made a bit of an effort.

For the eyes, I like to use Urban Decays Naked Smoky Palette. For obvious reasons, it's a great little palette to use to create the smoky eye look. I usually use neutral and brown shades on my eyes on an everyday basis but as it's Halloween, I tend to go for the more deeper shades of brown, blues and purples. I don't use liquid liner as I have individual lashes so I never really feel the need to apply eyeliner. But again, it's great to use for Halloween to give yourself a cat eye look.

For the lips, NYX soft matte lip cream in the shade 'Copenhagen' and Sleek's matte me in the shade 'Velvet Slipper' are my two absolute favourite go-to lippies for Autumn. They're both that gorgeous burgundy shade, although I find Copenhagen more of a deeper shade than Velvet Slipper but they're both perfect for Halloween.

Do you dress up for Halloween or switch up your everyday makeup?
Friday, 18 October 2019

My 5 Favourite Things About Autumn

my favourite things about autumn blog post

My favourite time of the year is here. It's finally Autumn - the leaves have fallen, the mornings are colder and the evenings are darker. I just love everything about it, don't you?

Pumpkin Picking
I went pumpkin picking for the first time last year and I don't know why I hadn't experienced it sooner. It was so much fun and made me feel all Autumnal. I think Liam and I will go next weekend and pick a few out.

I love Halloween, I always have done. The idea of getting dressed up and doing your makeup as a zombie or vampire etc is so exciting and fun. I'm actually going out for Halloween this year and I'm super excited about it, I hope it'll be a good night. I also love the Halloween movies. Along with the scary ones, I do love the old classics Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown.

Feeling Cosy
Autumnal candles burning whilst you're all cosied up on the sofa with blankets along with the fire going is everything. I love the good ol' Autumn Yankee Candles especially for this time of the year. Also, isn't the Lush Halloween/Autumn product range just the best?!

The Autumnal Fashion
The scarves, bobble hats, jumper dresses, boots - I could go on. I have a A/W fashion board on Pinterest constantly being updated with outfit ideas. Honestly, I could buy a whole new wardrobe dedicated to just A/W clothes. I couldn't count how many jumpers I own.

Pumpkin Spiced Lattes
I love a good latte but oh my god, the pumpkin spiced lattes are the absolute best for this time of year. I always pop into Starbucks to get one if I'm in the city centre. 

What are your favourite things about Autumn?
Tuesday, 1 October 2019

My Go-To Nude Lip Combo

mac honeylove and stripdown

mac lipstick duo

As I am naturally pale, I have tried so many nude beiges, browns and pinks trying to find the perfect nude. I was actually recommended the shade 'Honeylove' by a friend. To be honest, I've always put off buying from MAC because they're quite pricey. But, I went into MAC to have a look and I actually loved this lipstick shade. Honeylove is a light beige with a rose toned shade. The pigmentation is amazing and it's such a creamy and smooth application. 

So, I then searched for a lipliner to go with it and I came across 'Stripdown'. Stripdown is a creamy brown beige lipliner, so it's a few shades darker than the lipstick but they really blend together beautifully and I like when you can see a little bit of a contrast. Again, like the lipstick, the lipliner is smooth and creamy and it glides on perfectly making outlining your lips so much easier.
If you follow me on social media, I will most probably be wearing this nude lip duo in all of my selfies because it's literally my everyday go-to.

What's your favourite nude lip combo?