Monday, 17 June 2019

I'm Feeling 22...

You don't know how long I've been wanting to turn 22 just to use Taylor Swifts song as a blog title. It's getting a bit old and boring now though, isn't it? I feel like it still had to be done though. 
I have written a blog post on/around my birthday every year and of course, I had to keep up the tradition! So, I've decided to share 22 things from my bucket list that I'd like to achieve in the future and some, in the very near future.

1. Visit Iceland and see the Northern Lights.
2. Experience the Blue Lagoon.
3. Go to Disneyworld.
4. Buy my first home.
5. Swim with turtles.
6. Learn Spanish.
7. Visit Italy.
8. See Britney Spears live.
9. Stick by a fitness routine.
10. Add a lock to a love bridge.
11. Meet Olly Murs. 
12. Visit New York - preferably around Christmas time.
13. Attend a boat party.
14. Sleep under the stars.
15. Go skydiving.
16. Start a family.
17. Hold a starfish.
18. Visit Australia.
19. Go on the London Eye.
20. Travel around America.
21. Have a girls holiday.
22. Give back to my parents with either a weekend away or a holiday abroad.

What's on your bucket list? Do you have any the same?