Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Lush Wishlist Under £40

lush wishlist 2016

I'm not a massive fan of Lush like the majority of people but I do like their products. I know that buying quite a few things from Lush ends up being expensive. So, I've put together a wishlist of products that I've had my eye on for a while which costs less than £40. Suffering with dry lips, I have been wanting a decent lip scrub that works. After reading the reviews online, I decided that I most definitely have to make a trip to Lush to purchase this. And, it's bubblegum flavoured! The question is, will I actually treat my lips or end up eating it? Hah. £5.50

I tried a bath oil for the first time a few weeks ago and I loved it. I guessed that Lush would sell bath oils for a reasonable price and then I found this, the razzle dazzle. I love the name, I love the glitter and it just looks so relaxing and fun at the same time. Is that even possible? £2.00

I've tried a few bath bombs from Lush before and I am honestly entertained when they do their thing after you plonk it in the bath. Dragons egg looks really pretty and by how the scent is described (jasmine and citrus), I think I would absolutely love it. £3.75
Another bath bomb on my list is the intergalactic, I have heard so many people rave about this one. But after watching videos of it, I now know why. My sister has this written on her birthday list. Mind if I borrow a bit? £4.25

After owning the comforter bubble bar, I really wanted to give the shower gel a go. The bar smells absolutely gorgeous so I assume that they smell the same. The shower gel also looks shimmery which is good, shimmer and glitter is my thing. I'm actually running out of shower gel so it may be time to stock up. £9.95 per 250g

After trying out the Marilyn hair treatment, I have been wanting to try out a similar but different one. I came across h'suan wen hua, which I can't pronounce by the way. It's full of nourishing ingredients to improve your hairs condition. Being bleach blonde and with the weather changes, my hair can go quite dry. So, this would be perfect right now. £9.75 per 225g

Saturday, 27 August 2016

8 Things That Only People With Thick Hair Will Understand

Even though I love my long thick hair, coping with it is sometimes really aggravating. So, I've put this list together of things that all thick-haired people can relate too. Hopefully I'm not alone!

thick hair problems

1. Washing, drying and styling your hair is always such a chore.

2. You need ultra stretchy hair bands so you can wrap them around at least three times to be sure your pony's secure enough.

3. After spending a lifetime of curling your hair, no matter how many cans of hairspray you go through, the curls end up dropping after ten minutes anyway.

4. You break so many hair bands.

5. When going to the salon to have your hair coloured, it costs you a bomb because of all the product they use up and you're sitting in the chair ALL DAY.

6. There's just no point in naturally drying your hair. It will never dry and your hair will end up looking like a lions mane.

7. It takes you forever to detangle your hair. No amount of leave-in conditioner will help you. 

8. The hot weather and your gorgeous hair decides to work together to make it 10x harder for you to cope. Actually, forget 10.. make it 100x harder. Your friends always wonder why you're so hot and sweaty compared to them.

Do you struggle with any of these problems?

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Is This Lip Plumper Worth The Spend?

lip plump review

soap and glory pillow plump

I'm quite happy with my lips as they are, but I really wanted to try this out to see what it was all about. I love the pink and black tube design and it's a much bigger tube than I expected. The applicator is literally like one of those lipglosses in the squeezy tube you owned when you were 7.

Soap & Glory Pillow Plump XXL says:
Our pillow plump formula has been injected with 3XL-peptide plump complex, components of which have been shown in in-vitro tests to help:

-increase levels of hyaluronic acid
-boost fat cells
-give an 'autoplump' built-in cushioning effect

soap and glory pillow plump review

It doesn't smell very nice at all. The product definitely gives your lips a tingling/buzz feeling which is how you know it's working. Pillow Plump clearly plumped my lips but as it was XXL, I was expecting to see much more of a difference. I have the clear gloss 'Clearvoyant,' which is a lovely shiny clear colour. The gloss is very thick and sticky which makes it hard to get an even coverage. This would probably be more of a problem if you had a coloured gloss as it would be more noticeable.

I personally think that this is very expensive for what it does and I wouldn't purchase another one. Have you tried Pillow Plump? How did it work for you?

Sunday, 21 August 2016

The Most Luscious Natural Skincare | Dr. Botanicals

Recently I have been trying out a couple of skincare products from the Moroccan Rose range from Dr Botanicals.* Dr Botanicals is a vegan and cruelty free company using 100% natural and paraben free ingredients. Honestly, I cannot wait to tell you all about them, I've never ever been so excited to write up a skincare post before!

dr botanicals review

dr botanicals bath oil

Moroccan Rose Restoring Senses Bath Oil:
I've never tried a bath oil before so I didn't quite know what to expect. You simply add two teaspoons of the oil into the bath after you've ran it. This oil has a subtle fruity smell and smells of roses, I've never smelled anything so pretty before. It's so relaxing and calming lying in the bath whilst the bathroom is filled with a florally aroma. My skin instantly felt soft too. The only down side to this oil is that you can run out of it quite quickly so use it wisely and maybe stock up.

dr botanicals blog post

dr botanicals

Moroccan Rose & Shea Butter Body Repairing Cream:
This body cream is a thick consistency but it's very easy to rub in. You can get some body creams that are quite hard to massage in and they leave streaks and just take up so much time. So, it's nice and quick. Also, this is great if you would like firmer skin. I have a little cellulite on the back of my legs, and this product is great for that.

 It has a very strong smell but it's not overpowering - it's too nice to be overpowering. First, you smell a rose/fruity/florally scent. Within around a second, you get a spicy smell. I think that's where the substantial of the scent is coming from. After applying it, the spicy smell disappears. I literally smell like a rose right now, I wish you could smell me. Plus, you smell gorgeous for hours! My families opinions were "You smell very sweet" and "You smell like a rose." It also makes my skin super soft which is just what I need. I can't get enough of this product.

dr botanicals body lotion

Both products are fantastic for my sensitive skin and I'd definitely buy them. This company needs more loving, I'm super pleased and will recommend this to anyone and everyone! Shop the range here.

*This post features products which I was sent for a review. As always, my review and opinions are completely honest and my own.
Friday, 19 August 2016

Casual Black & White

I haven't done an outfit post in sooo long! I've been wanting to do quite a few but I never time it right with the British weather and our garden was also in the process of being re-done. After shooting the pictures for this post, I realised that I really missed it. So hopefully, I will be posting fashion posts more often because I luuurve it.

megan elizabeth blog

black and white outfit


As it's the weekend (yay!), I'm wearing a casual outfit which you can wear day and night, you can easily dress it up or down. I'm wearing a simple black cami. I love the split at the side and how it's longer at the back, it's different to other camis I own. With this, I'm wearing skinny white jeans which I've turned up at the bottom to show off more of my shoes. These suede heeled sandals are very new to my wardrobe and I've been rocking these at the mo. I love the style, they're comfy and they go with pretty much every outfit. I'm using a clutch as it's a lot easier than a great big bag.

Cami - Select Fashion
White Jeans - New Look
Heeled Sandals - New Look
Clutch - Ted Baker
Thursday, 18 August 2016

Summer Polishes I've Been Loving...

summer polishes

Hey everyone. I can't believe that we're now in mid-August. So, what better reason to share with you my top fave polishes I've been lovin' this summer!

#1- Rimmel Rita Ora in 'Peachella'
This colour is perfect for the Spring/Summer time. I have been loving peachy colours and light colours this year. The brush is very easy to manage. I love a fat polish brush.
Buy it here.

#2- Models Own in 'Luis Lemon'
Yellow always looks so much better in the Summer, doesn't it? As I'm pale, this doesn't make an appearance on my nails too much. But once you have a tan, this colour looks beautiful! It's bright and easy to paint. I also love the matte design of the bottle.
Buy it here.

#3- Rimmel 60 Seconds in 'Too Cool to Tango'
I've owned this nail polish for quite some time. It is getting old and I have hardly any left, I think it's time for a replacement. It really does dry in 60 seconds which is fab-u-lous as you don't have to sit/walk around the house waving your arms about, then accidentally smudge one. MANY TIMES. Again, Rimmel has the great fat brush which I love!
Buy it here.

#4- Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in 'Dragon Fruit'
I've heard such great things about Barry M polishes. For me, this is everything! It goes on so smoothly and looks like a gel manicure. I thought this was just a plain pink polish but when the sun catches your nails, they're so sparkly. Although, I find that it takes forever to dry.
Buy it here.

Sunday, 14 August 2016

Currently On The Bathroom Shelf...

on the bathroom shelf

It was so hard to take decent photos for this post due to the lighting being behind my products. How annoying! Anyway let's ignore that, I'm going to mention what's currently on my bathroom shelf and maybe I'll make a series out of it.

First on the shelf is my body lotion from Ted Baker which I got for Christmas. Yep, I still haven't used it up! Mainly because it smells amazing and I just don't want to part with it. Let's hope to get some more this Christmas. Next is my No7 body exfoliator, I only use this prior to fake tanning. This is very gentle for my sensitive skin and it smells absolutely wonderful. I feel so refreshed and brighter after... until I slap on my tan.

When I saw the Pinita Colada range come out at The Body Shop early this Summer, I just had to get something. All of their new range smells gorgeous and Summery. I have been using this every time I have a shower/bath. I just can't get enough of it, I will definitely be buying some more.

whats in my bathroom

Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush is another Summery body wash. If you love citrus scents, then you will need to buy yourself one of these. It's such a strong smell but it's not too much. Honestly, the bathroom smells of limes afterwards.
I'm usually a sucker for Herbal Essences but since my sister has been using these Tresemmé hair products, I couldn't resist giving them a go myself. With coconut milk and aloe vera included, I bet you can already smell the goodness of my hair. They simply do the job.

I have recently come across Garnier Ultimate Blends. When my hair is feeling a little dried out, I will use it as a deep conditioning treatment to get the moisture back. I use this twice a week after shampooing my hair and leave it to work for five minutes and then rinse it off. I have gone through this very quickly so I'm glad that this is sold at such a reasonable price.