Monday, 11 November 2019

A November To-Do List

november to do list

Ok, so we're into the second week of November and this post is a little late than I expected. However, it's still early November so I still have time to tick off this to-do list. As you know, I absolutely love this time of the year to do lots of Autumnal things, so I have put together a list of stuff I'd like to accomplish this month. 

Dedicate one day of the month to pamper
I thought to myself the other day that I don't actually fully pamper myself. I just cleanse my face properly here and there and do the odd face mask whenever I find the time to. I've decided to dedicate one day this month to fully pamper myself. No makeup, a fresh face, hair mask, face mask, a chilled bath - you name it, I'll include it.

Go for more Autumnal walks
The only time of the year I enjoy going for walks is Autumn and Winter. I just love the feeling of the crisp air, wearing a coat wrapped up in a scarf and a bobble hat with a warm latte walking through the leaves. Does anyone think I'm crazy? I just love it.

Get back into reading
I haven't read a book properly for ages and I love this time of the year to be able to snuggle up on the sofa and do that. If anyone has any recommendations on a good read at the moment, let me know!

Make use of my gym membership
I swear I say that I'll do this every month, but I still haven't been for months! It's even harder this time of the year because it's colder and with Christmas coming up, I'd just rather eat everything. Seriously though, I need to get my arse back into that gym - I need my flat belly back!

Start a new series
Whether it's on TV or Netflix, I want to start a new series. We've recently started Peaky Blinders and I'm really enjoying it. However, I need a little something else to binge for when I don't feel like watching PB. Again, let me know of any series or TV shows you've been loving!

Bake festive treats
Baking is not my thing at all. But I'd really like to get in the kitchen and whip up something Autumnal. I bake shortbread, gingerbread men and sausage rolls on Christmas Eve, but I'd like to do something new. I'll carry on scrolling through Pinterest until I find something.

What's on your November to-do list?