Thursday, 28 January 2016

Keep Going

hello 2016

Being honest with you, I don't even know where to start with this post. I have just been feeling so down lately, I can't remember what it's like to feel extremely happy. By the way, do you like my 2016 diary from Next. It's so sparkly and so me! Anyway, back to the post..

I have recently been put on some tablets for the treatment of vertigo. It is dizziness, feeling or being sick and having headaches/migraines. Vertigo can be caused by a problem with the way balance works in the inner ear or it can also be caused by problems in certain parts of the brain.

Having this has stopped me from doing a lot. Every day is different though, some days my dizziness is worse than others. I struggle to walk, drive and it's stopped me from going to college because I simply can't do anything without feeling dizzy.
I don't really like college anyway, so since Christmas I have been looking for jobs so I can get on with my life. I have applied for LOADS of different jobs, hoping that I'll get an interview.

The majority of the jobs I apply for turn me down before even getting an interview. It's gotten to the point now where I'm jealous of my friends for having jobs. I would actually love getting up early to go to work - yes, including the weekends. Am I crazy? I don't even know if I'll be able to work because of vertigo, but all I can do is find out. My doctor told me that my dizziness is meant to eventually sort itself out and I've got to try and get on with my everyday life. But it is so so hard. I hope that it'll sort itself out soon.

I would just really like a job, so I can earn my own money for my car, for myself and for my future! But, because I'm so unlucky, it will most probably take a while.
I don't like to post negative things on my blog as my blog is a positive, happy place to be! I just needed to express my feelings instead of keeping it all inside.

All I can tell myself is to keep that smile on my face, hope for the best and to keep going.

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Tuesday, 19 January 2016

What I've Learnt From Blogging in the Past Year

blogging tips

I still can't believe that I've been blogging for a whole year! It's crazy! But, I have learnt some things along the way which I would like to share with you.

1. You can't use products until you've taken good enough pictures of them for a review on your blog

Uh. Palettes, mascaras, lipsticks... I could go on. It's annoying when you buy a new product and you can't use it until you've taken good quality photos of it. Unless, you're very organised and take photos/swatches straight away.

2. It's bloody hard work! So much planning and organisation goes into it

When I first started blogging, I knew it wasn't going to be easy but I didn't think that it would be a lot of work either. I didn't realise how much in advance you have to plan your blog posts to stay organised. When I don't plan my posts, I don't have a clue where to start and I just feel lost.

3. Don't compare your blog with other blogs

I know a few bloggers that have done this, myself included. I used to do it all the time. Remember, your blog is yours and it's meant to be different.

4. Don't get stressed

Blogging is my hobby and I love it! But I do admit that I have become stressed before whilst blogging. Don't stress yourself out. Blogging is fun!

5. Write about what you want

I write about what I want anyway and my followers will either like the post or dislike the post. Not everyone will love what you write about. It's your blog, so you write about what you want to write about.

6. You really need a new camera, Megan

Ok, so I have a love hate relationship with my camera. I have a Canon Powershot SX150 IS. Sometimes I can take fantastic photos on it and sometimes they're so crap that the photos come out better on my iPhone 5S. Recently I have been using my iPhone 5S as the quality is a tad better, but it's not amazing! I need to save up for a new camera.
Friday, 15 January 2016

Winter Essentials

Winter Essentials

As Winter is here, I thought that I would mention some essentials which you would find useful for this season.

Body Butter- My skin gets quite dry in the Winter so I like to use body butter/body moisturiser to take care of my skin. To top it off, I end up smelling amazing. The righteous butter from Soap and Glory has a lovely fresh smell and makes me feel SO smooth!

Hand Cream- Hand cream is more than necessary in the Winter. I hate when my hands look and feel so dry. Hand cream is a must all year round.

Hair Treatment- I don't know about you, but my hair colour is so dull in the Winter months. The hair treatment I use is called Marilyn from Lush and it's made to brighten blonde hair. This is perfect in the Winter when you need that glow.

Vaseline- My lips always get so dry and chapped in the colder months. I usually cake my lips in Vaseline every night before I go to sleep and during the day. I also suffer from angular cheilitis which is a split in the corners of the mouth. It's sore and so painful to eat and yawn as I can't really open my mouth wide enough, Vaseline is also my saviour product for this.

Nail Polish- I love having a good A/W colour nail polish in the Winter season. 'Very Berry' from Soap and Glory is one of my favourites.

Moisturiser- I use moisturiser for my face every morning and night anyway but my face gets a lot more dry around this season - especially my forehead. So during the day, I apply some more moisturiser to hydrate my skin.

What are your Winter essentials?

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Sunday, 3 January 2016

A Lookback on 2015

First of all, Happy New Year! I can't believe we're in 2016 already, where did my childhood go? 2015 has been one rollercoaster of a year. There has been so many ups and downs, but I have managed to get through it.

January- To start off the year, I found out that I had anxiety. It was all very confusing for me and I didn't really know what to do. I lost someone very close to me, I classed her as my nanny. It was such a shock and I lost my actual nanny just four months before, which I was still feeling really down about, so that was extremely horrible to go through. So, that was great to start the year off.

February- I ended up hating college, after 3 years of being there. I was studying level three hairdressing and I thought it was just my anxiety telling me that I didn't want to go into college. Turns out, I realised that I weren't too keen on doing the whole hairdressing thing and it ended up making me depressed.

March-  I saw one of my favourite psychic's, Sally Morgan. I had been wanting to see her for years, so when the chance came I couldn't say no. Read about it here. And a few weeks later, I passed my driving theory test, yay!

April- I don't think much really happened in this month. I only got my tongue pierced. Wow, was it really that long ago? You can read my experience here.


May- I went to Wembley to support my football team to get back into the Premier League and we won! And the day before, I went to Radio 1s Big Weekend. I saw Olly Murs, Rita Ora, Imagine Dragons, Taylor Swift and many more successful people. You can read all about it here. I also bought my very first car. She's a Toyota Yaris and she's called Tinkerbell.

June- My 18th birthday happened! And I qualified as a hairdresser and finally left college! Check out what I got for my 18th birthday here. A week later, I had a boudoir photoshoot as part of my 18th birthday.

July- Me and my boyfriend went on our second holiday to Centerparcs. Which was one of my birthday presents from my boyfriend. I also got my first tattoo, which I have wanted for years! You can take a peek at it here. I finally got my tragus re-pierced and to top off the month, I passed my driving test!

centerparcs elveden

August- I received my qualification certificates for hairdressing in the post. I also was qualified in gel nail extensions.

September- Believe it or not, I went back to college to study beauty therapy which is what I've had my eye on for a while. Beauty therapy is more suited to me. I also reached 100 followers on bloglovin, which I'm still over the moon about.

October- I took a course in eyelash extensions and threading. I just need to complete my coursework to get my qualifications. I also had a luxurious spa day with one of my best friends.

November- On the 2nd of November it was mine and Josh's three year anniversary. At the end of the month, my uncle got married. And, I hosted my very first blog chat on Twitter! To top off the month, I won Soap and Glory's Giveaway on Twitter. Take a look at what products I received here.

December- I done blogmas on my blog and it was my 1 year blog birthday, here! Me and Josh also went to the Christmas panto to watch Snow White, which you can read about here. After making about 10 trips to the doctors, I was diagnosed with vertigo and I was put on tablets and I'm still currently on them.

2015 has been full of many up and downs but overall, it hasn't been so bad. Although, I do hope that 2016 will be so much better.

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