Saturday, 31 October 2015

What I've Bought This Month: October 2015

 Happy Halloween!
I have bought some lovely stuff throughout this month (the majority of it being makeup) and I just had to share what I bought with you!

New look leather boots

I have wanted some decent winter boots for ages. I do own a couple of pairs of boots but they're suede - so they're not waterproof and quite useless when it rains. Anyway, I took a trip to my favourite shop to buy shoes and found these beautiful boots. 
They have a knitted cuff inside which I thought was different and you could tuck it in if you didn't like it with a certain outfit. I find these very easy to walk in and they go with pretty much all of my outfits. £29.99 from New Look.

Boux Avenue set

When I saw that Boux Avenue had a sale on, I just had to go online and check out what was in the sale. I had my eyes peeled on this bra but in a coral colour - unfortunately they didn't have my size. Then I found it in this colour and I just had to get it! It was £26 gone down to £12, how good is that!? 

Whilst I was on there, I thought that I would treat myself and buy matching knickers although they weren't in the sale. They cost me £10.

batiste light and blonde dry shampoo

These have both been my go-to products this month! They are amazing!

Batiste Dry Shampoo- I have been loving this! This is absolutely fabulous for blonde hair. This has been great when my root regrowth has been terrible - it looks like your roots have been refreshed. I will never go back to using normal dry shampoo again. If you have blonde hair you need to go and purchase this and you will see how amazing it really is! £2.66 from Boots.

L'Oreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray- I have always loved L'Oreal hairspray's, they're so strong. I have incredibly thick and long hair and when I wear my hair in a bun, this is a life saver! My hair stays up for the whole day and this hairspray is also fantastic for volume. P.s this one is limited edition so go and get your hands on it now. £2.60 from Boots.

barry m bold white eyeliner

After a twitter chat about Autumn makeup I decided to go out and buy this. As I'm pale and I like to wear Autumn eyeshadow colours such as reds, purples, pinks etc... the colours make me look like I have been punched in the eyes. A lovely wise blogger advised me to use a white eyeliner pencil to change that. I must admit, it doesn't look so bad now. £3.99 from Boots.

maybelline lash sensational review

As I needed a new mascara, I decided to finally jump on the bandwagon and buy the new Maybelline mascara. Lash Sensational! I was so so excited to try this out and I absolutely love it. When I use other mascaras, throughout the day the inner lashes look very short (like they're not even there) because I don't use eyelash curlers.

This mascara looks good throughout the whole day and makes my lashes look longer and fuller. And, I don't get the look of the 'short inner lashes.' £7.99 from Boots.

l'oreal lip liner and lipstick

 I bought both of these at the same time. I needed a new lipstick so I headed straight to the L'Oreal section of Superdrug and I decided to buy this one. It's a shimmery pink colour - not too dark and not too light. Greige Amoureux - £6.99 from Superdrug.

I then decided to buy a lip liner. I couldn't find the lip liner that matched the lipstick because it wasn't there for some reason. So I headed to Boots and that wasn't in stock either. Anyhow, this lip liner goes well with the lipstick anyway. I sometimes even wear the lip liner on it's own just because I love the colour and it looks just like a matte lipstick. I get so many compliments on this liner. Bois de Rose - £3.99 from Boots.

rimmel london one of a kind lipstick

  I wanted a new red lipstick and I thought that I'd give Rimmel a try. This is a quite dark red colour and I haven't decided yet if it suits me or not. It is quite hard to apply because of how flat it is, it hasn't got the pointed end like most lipsticks. Being honest, I do make such a mess with this lipstick. I'll have to invest in a red lip liner. One of a Kind - £6.99 from Boots.

That is everything that I purchased this month. Do let me know if you go and buy any of these as I would love to read your opinion on them. Have a great Halloween whatever you're doing!
Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Halloween Zombie Makeup Tutorial - SFX Free

Hello lovelies!

This is my second Halloween look which I've created. You can read my Pumpkin Tutorial here if you haven't yet seen it.

zombie halloween makeup tutorial

There's no special effects needed in this look - just all make-up!

Firstly, I applied my primer and moisturiser to make sure that my make-up went on nice and evenly. I then applied my usual foundation and filled in my eyebrows.

I applied a pink/red eyeshadow shade under my eyes and all over my eyelids. I then scattered it on my chin, my forehead, my temples and my cheeks. I then applied a dark brown eyeshadow in the corners of my nose, the crease of my eyelids and the corners of the mouth. I also contoured my jawline, cheekbones and my nose with the same dark brown eyeshadow. I then blended that contour out as I didn't want too harsh lines.

I used white eyeliner on my lower lash line to make my zombies eyes look 'bigger.'
I then applied a blue eyeshadow shade where the bags under my eyes are, to look super tired. I also put it at the temples, eyelids, around the nose and around the mouth to give that bruised effect.

zombie makeup tutorial step by step

zombie makeup tutorial step by step

I covered my lips in concealer and blended it in with a concealer brush. I then applied red eyeshadow  in the inner parts of my top and bottom lips. I then went on top with the blue eyeshadow to give my lips that dull, dark bruised and swollen effect. I put on some white eyeshadow in the little dip above my lips, in the corners of my eyes and on the tip of my nose.

On the neck, I pretty much done the same techniques. I used my pink/red and my blue eyeshadows and I just worked with it until I liked how it looked.

I then applied highlighter to the parts of the face that I didn't touch.

zombie makeup tutorial for halloween

halloween zombie tutorial

zombie halloween makeup tutorial

I hope you enjoyed this look as well as my Pumpkin tutorial. Let me know if you recreate this look as I'd love to see it!

Happy Halloween!
Monday, 26 October 2015

Halloween Pumpkin Makeup Tutorial - SFX Free

As I love Halloween and it's not far away, I decided that I would try to create two different Halloween looks. Also, I've never done anything for/about Halloween on my blog before so this is majorly exciting for me!

pumpkin makeup tutorial

There's no special effects needed in this look. It's all just make-up. Easy enough, right?

First, I applied primer and moisturiser to make sure that I have an even base.

I started off by scraping some orange eyeshadow onto a surface with closed tweezers. I used a lid, you can have any sort of surface - just something that's easy to clean. I used tweezers as it's easy to scrape eyeshadows, however, if you don't have any tweezers, you could use something similar that would do the same job. I then put a good amount of foundation in the lid with the eyeshadow and mixed it in. Obviously, you will get different shades of orange depending on how much orange eyeshadow you add.

I then applied that all over my face, in the hairline and down my neck to where my top is.

Next, using a lip/brow brush, I created the outline of the pumpkins eyes using black eyeshadow. I then filled the eyes in using the same black eyeshadow. For this look you can use either eyeshadow or eyeliner or even face paint. But, I just thought it would be a waste of eyeliner if I used that and I didn't have any face paint.

pumpkin makeup tutorial step by step

I then applied some mascara as I have quite light eyelashes so that blended nicely in with the pumpkins eyes. I also used black pencil liner on my lash line and my lower lash line.

Next, using the same lip/brow brush I created the pumpkins nose shape and the mouth. I filled both of them in with the same black eyeshadow using a simple eyeshadow brush.

step by step pumpkin makeup

I then moved onto drawing faint black lines with the eyeshadow where I wanted the ridges of the pumpkin to be.
I smudged them a little so the lines didn't look so harsh. I then used a brown eyeshadow to create a shadowy look and I just put that in front of all the ridges. I also felt like adding a red colour to the brown too. I added some black eyeshadow in the ridges and smudged it to give some definition.

I made sure that all the colours weren't too harsh and blended in well before moving on.
I then used a black pencil eyeliner to go back over the 'faint ridges.'

halloween pumpkin makeup

sfx free halloween tutorial

I then used a yellow shade and then a gold shade on top of the orange parts of the face to 'light' the pumpkin up a bit.

I then repeated the steps on the neck and voilà!

sfx free pumpkin makeup tutorial

I had so much fun creating this look! I'm impressed with how well it turned out beings as it was my first time doing it. Let me know what you think of this look and I'd love to see your recreations!

See my zombie tutorial here.

Happy Halloween!
Friday, 23 October 2015

Night Out : Silver Shimmer Eye & Rose Lip

Hello lovelies!

I created a gorgeous make-up look and I just had to share it with you. I'm usually really useless with make-up ideas, but I was so happy once I created this look.

silver shimmer eye

Starting off with the base I used the shade 'Biscuit' from the Eyes Uncovered Palette in Nude from Collection. The rest of the shades that I used in this look are from the Ultra 32 Shade Eyes Like Angels Eyeshadow Palette from Makeup Revolution.

I went straight in and put 'Silver Star' at the outer corner of my lid and in the crease a little at a time. I then worked my way inwards with a blending brush to create a fading effect with the base shade.
Next, I used a smaller eyeshadow brush and dabbed the shade 'Lilac Frost' all over the lid. I then blended that in very lightly.
Next, I added some 'White Light' to the inner corners of my eyes to enhance the make-up. I also dabbed it on top of my highlight on my brow bone very lightly as I didn't want it too shimmery.

I then carefully applied my liquid liner - I'm terrible at applying this but I personally think that I done quite well! I put on a thin layer of mascara and then applied my Eyelure Sexy Señorita lashes which I luuurve.

rose lip

Believe it or not, this is lip liner on it's own! Ok, so what's wrong with that? I absolutely love the colour and I've had so many compliments on it and questions asking "What lipstick is that?"

I thought that this colour was quite subtle and went well with the eye make-up so I went for it!
This is the L'Oreal Paris Les Lipliner Couture in the shade 302 Bois de Rose. I just want it in every shade, let me just put that out there!

Oh, and I also contoured properly for the first time in my life..

night out makeup tutorial

Please try to ignore the bad quality of this photo as it was taken on my iPhone.

Lime High Neck Cami: New Look
Black Shiny Disco Leggings: Quiz
Black Suede Heels: New Look

Have a fab weekend!
Sunday, 18 October 2015

My First Tattoo

For years, I have wanted this exact tattoo so I knew that I wouldn't regret it. Once I turned 18 I knew that it was time to book it.

I was so excited for my tattoo day to come around, back in July. I wasn't really nervous, I was mostly excited. Probably because I didn't know what to expect.

It's a very little simple tattoo. I'm a lover of all those little simple tattoo's scattered about on people's bodies. I love everything about tattoos and I love big pieces on other people, I just wouldn't get a massive piece myself.

I got this little treble clef tattoo as I have always loved music, ever since a young age. Most of my family members are music lovers too so that's probably where it comes from. My great uncle was in a well known band and my grandad used to sing now and then.

I'm not going into too much of the meaning of this tattoo - all I'm going to say is that I couldn't go a day without listening to music. It makes me happy. Music has also helped me get through bad times in my life.

Some places were really painful but overall, it barely hurt.
I'd say that the tattoo was a 4/10 and the most painful parts were a 6.5/10.
Tuesday, 13 October 2015

My Story: #LetsTalkAnxiety

This post is inspired by Robyn and her blog post all about #LetsTalkAnxiety - which you can read here. I think this is a fantastic idea as lots of other people that have anxiety can read these posts and won't feel like they're alone.

My Story:

I think it slowly built up on me. I was always a very shy person but we all know that anxiety and being shy are two completely different things. They are not the same! Anxiety is a mental illness. As I was a shy person, I knew that it wasn't me being shy. I knew it was something different. It felt different. If you have never been shy and never had anxiety - you won't know the difference.

lets talk anxiety

I think it properly started in September last year. I just started my level 3 hairdressing course at college. I had to get the bus to college in the early mornings... 3 days a week. The bus used to be packed in the mornings - obviously, because everyone had work, school and college etc. There may have been an odd seat now and again but I always used to stand because I hated sitting next to someone that I didn't know. It wasn't a very long trip to college anyway, so I didn't mind.

I felt more and more anxious every time I got on that bus. I felt like everyone would stare at me. After being on that bus for a good couple of minutes, I felt claustrophobic, hot, dizzy, sick, faint and I couldn't breathe properly. My heart was racing. I couldn't wait to get off that bus. I thought I was just having another one of my fainting spells - as I'm prone to fainting.

After feeling this happen more than once in public places, I realised that something wasn't right. I was scared and confused. That's when I realised that I was having panic attacks.

I gathered that I had some sort of anxiety. As I was blogging at the time, I came across a shared blog post on Twitter all about anxiety. The lovely girl who had wrote that post was willing to receive any emails from people regarding that post. I sent her a quick email as I was confused and I wanted her point of view. She emailed back and encouraged me to go and see a doctor and that's exactly what I went and done.

social anxiety
When it got really bad:

One morning I woke up and I felt like I didn't care about anything anymore. I really didn't want to get out of bed or even leave the house. I felt like this on numerous occasions. Anyway, because of this, I missed my bus and my mum offered to take me if not I would've turned up to college late. At the time, my mum didn't know anything about my anxiety. I didn't talk to my mum the whole way to college, like I usually do. She dropped me off at college and I headed straight to the toilets and I bawled my eyes out for about an hour.

Yes, I skived. Never in my life have I skived from anything before.
I didn't know why I was crying. I just couldn't go into class. I just couldn't do it.
My friend text me asking why I wasn't in that day. I told her to come and meet me. She helped me put on a bit of a brave face and we went to go and tell my college tutor.

He was worried about me and I gave him permission to call my mum and tell her what was going on. He sent me home and from then on, my mum brought me to college every morning and she's been so helpful.
My tutor even sorted out counselling sessions for me in the college.

At one point in my life, it got really low. I used to be emotional every single day. I used to have so many panic attacks, I had lots of time off college, I skived a lot, I wouldn't pay for anything myself, I couldn't talk to my friends on the phone, book appointments over the phone, I never used to go shopping, my boyfriend even told me to grow up and stop being pathetic - he just didn't understand.

It affected my health. I had hardly no sleep as I was scared about what the next day was going to bring. I didn't talk to my friends much and me and my boyfriend had countless arguments.

As for my counsellor - she didn't really help. She always used to ask why I was emotional and I couldn't answer because I didn't know why. So, we never got anywhere in our sessions. She referred me to a 'better counsellor' as she thought that they could help me more and discover what was causing my anxiety.

However, I was put on a waiting list. Within this time, I eventually passed my level 3 hairdressing course and my driving test! No more buses and no more college! Even though I still had my anxiety, I gradually got happier and I cancelled my slot on the waiting list.

I have definitely become much more confident now that I have my own car - I'm much happier too.
Yes I'm back at college but I'm now doing something that I enjoy much more and I'm loving it.

As for anxiety, yes it's still there and yes I still have panic attacks. If I get to how low I was before - me and my tutor have already got a new counsellor to go and see if things get tough.

If you are having a tough time with your anxiety or you think you've got anxiety, go and talk to someone. It could be anyone - your teacher, your friend, your parents, family members, doctor etc. 

You are not alone!
Saturday, 10 October 2015

My Top 10 Disney Films

Watching Disney was part of my childhood and it's still part of my life to this day!
If there's a new Disney film out in the cinema, me and my boyfriend are most likely to go and watch it. You're never ever too old for Disney!

So this is my list of my top 10 Disney films ever!

1. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

winnie the pooh gif

Winnie the Pooh, Winnie the Pooh,
Chubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff...

Since a very young age, I have loved Winnie the Pooh! I even had Winnie the Pooh wallpaper - Dedicated fan right here!
He even inspired me to try honey for the first time. (Obviously, I wanted to be just like Pooh bear)

2. Cinderella

cinderella gif

Cinderella will always be my all time favourite princess film. She taught me to be kind even if people are mean to you - cheesy, I know. There has been many re-makes of Cinderella and I love them all but I do love the original.

3. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

snow white gif

Even though, the evil witch scared me when I was younger, this is another one of my most favourite princess films. I used to love the dwarfs, especially sneezy!

4. Peter Pan Return to Neverland

peter pan gif

Even though I love the original Peter Pan, Peter Pan Return to Neverland will always beat Peter Pan. I find it so much more exciting and I used to be more amused. I used to watch this all the time.

5. Dumbo

dumbo gif

Ahh Dumbo! I actually own a little Dumbo and I used to sleep with him every night when I was younger. I love this film and I still watch it now!

6. Tangled

tangled gif

Ok, I am obsessed with this film and I am also guilty of knowing all the words to all the songs. How old am I again? Also, does anyone else agree with me that she doesn't suit short brown hair!?

P.S - Why wasn't this film called Rapunzel?

7. Bedknobs and Broomsticks

bedknobs and broomsticks gif

Many people haven't heard of this film. If you haven't, then go buy it because it's bloody amazing!
I used to watch this all the time when I was a child. It's great because it's also half animated too!

8. Pinocchio

pinocchio gif

This film taught me not to tell lies because I thought my nose would grow like Pinocchios. Is anyone else guilty of this?

9. The Little Mermaid

the little mermaid gif

Ariel and Flounder were my faves in this film! I used to call myself Ariel because I always wanted to be a mermaid and I had red hair, like her. Ok, by red hair I didn't mean red, I meant ginger but lol.

10. Mary Poppins

mary poppins gif

Mary Poppins,
Practically perfect in every way.

Ok so that just said it all. Who didn't love Mary Poppins when they were younger?

After all that I now feel really old. What are/were your favourite Disney films?