Thursday, 31 December 2015

2016 : Goals & Resolutions

2016 Goals and Resolutions

I can't believe that I'm writing my last post of 2015. To be honest, I can't believe that this is the last few hours of 2015! I have made quite a lot of resolutions for the new year, a lot more than I usually do. Why not go ahead and check out my list of goals to achieve in 2016...

My Goals & Resolutions

  • Produce much better content and improve quality on my blog in 2016. Photos, writing, editing etc.

  • Try not to care about what people think of me. I always worry about what people think of me and I know I shouldn't.

  • Become more confident. I have always been quite a shy person, I have come out of my shell throughout the years but I really want to be so much more confident.

  • Create a YouTube channel. This kind of links with the two bullet points above. I have no confidence in me to create my own YouTube channel and I am worried what people will think/say about me. I have made videos before but removed them because of them reasons. I have wanted to create my own channel for years and actually keep it up.

  • Wear what I want when I want. I'm always self conscious about what I wear when I wear it. Like, will people judge me?

  • Stick up for myself. I do stick up for myself a lot, probably so much more than I used to. But I just want to be that person who doesn't care and sticks up for themselves and other people.

  • Get a job. A job I'll actually like. I need money to keep my car on the road and to treat myself to goodies now and then. But I can't do that without a job. Honestly, you don't understand how desperate I am.

  • Save money. First, I need a good job though. But when I do, I need to save money to keep my car on the road, holidays, my first home, birthday gifts, Christmas and even a future family.

  • Stop biting my nails. This is my new years resolution every year, but I honestly hope that 2016 will be the year.

  • Look after my body more. Improve eating habits and fitness. I am honestly so crap when it comes to fitness, I don't have a clue what to do or where to start. I'd love to tone up more.

  • Host a giveaway for my readers when I reach so many followers. I wanted to host a giveaway for my 1 year blog birthday but money is tight at the moment. So, I'm waiting until I reach a certain number of followers before I do one. And that number is secret until the day comes!

  • Do what I want to do. There's a few opportunities in 2016 that I would like to do but I keep on holding them back. No Megan, not this time.

They are all of my goals and resolutions for 2016. All I can do now is hope that all of these will be a success or even the majority of them. What are your new years resolutions?
Tuesday, 29 December 2015

It's been 1 whole year!

I can't quite believe that I'm sitting here writing this post.

And, I can't believe that it's been one whole year since I entered the blogging world! Who'd have thought that one year later, blogging would've ended up being such a great hobby of mine?

On the 29th of December 2014, I sat down and I finally took the plunge and typed up my very first proper blog post. Ok, so I had a blog before this. If you read my blog frequently, you may know that. I started on a site called piczo when I was around fourteen years old but school just got in the way. I didn't really have the time and I didn't really know what I was doing. This day last year, I still didn't really know what I was doing. Although, I had an idea as I was reading other blogs at the time.

If you've been following me from the start, you'll know that my blog started as 'Simply Inspired.' Oh yes, you remember now.. I just felt like the name didn't fit so I changed my blog's name to 'Megan Elizabeth' in April 2015 and I love it!

I haven't really worked with any brands throughout my one year of blogging. I have just been enjoying it whilst I can and doing things my way. However, in the future I would love to work with brands and collab with bloggers, that'd be SO fun!

Let's look back on that first ever post that I wrote (here). I do admit, it's quite cringey, but it's not that bad!

To end this long rambly post, I would just like to say THANK YOU.

Thank you to all of my readers - If you're constantly reading my blog or whether this is the first post you've read on my blog.

Thank you to my followers - I am over the moon that I have almost 140 followers on bloglovin, that's so many people to me and it means so much, I love every one of you!

Thank you for commenting on my blog and retweeting my tweets - Comments honestly make me so happy. I love replying to you and socializing and seeing your opinions on my posts. Also, thank you to those blog retweet Twitter accounts. I have gained many followers throughout those and also made some really good friends.

 I wouldn't be sitting here today writing this post if it wasn't for you lovely readers. Blogging is hard work but I love every minute of it. I am hoping to improve my blog so much more in the future. Here's to (hopefully) many more years! Who knows what the future holds.

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Sunday, 27 December 2015

What I Got For Christmas 2015!

What I got for Christmas

What I got for Christmas blog post

What I got for Christmas 2015

Olly Murs 2016 Calendar

2016 Diary

Joe and Caspar hit the road

Ted Baker Purse

Lenovo Laptop

Urban Decay NAKED 3

Pandora Earrings

Underwear set


Leopard Pyjamas

Norwich City car mats

New Look fluffy leather jacket

I wasn't expecting much off my parents for Christmas as I knew that I was getting a laptop. All I asked for was a laptop, the naked 3 palette, bow earrings from Pandora and an Olly Murs calendar. I love the 2016 diary from Next, it's so pretty! Also, I didn't have a clue that I was getting a new Ted Baker purse. My clasp on my current purse is broken - probably because I've had it years. My sister got me some Norwich City car mats to jazz up my car a little more! I am so so grateful for what I have received off of my parents and sister.

Tinkerbell DVDs

Tinkerbell pyjamas

Louisa Johnson

Ted Baker Majestic Marvels
Ted Baker products

The Vintage Cosmetic Company

the vintage cosmetic company blog post

My boyfriend, Josh, has done so well this year! I didn't have a clue what I wanted for Christmas this year and he actually went out and bought my presents without any help! I can't wait to watch my tinkerbell DVD's in my tinkerbell pyjamas. I also can't wait to try out the Ted Baker luxury goodies and the vintage cosmetic company products! All them eyelashes!

Miss Selfridge bag

House of Baylis and Harding weekend away

Baylis and Harding

Spa Sanctuary boots

Rio Nail Art

My boyfriend's parent's bought me this gorgeous handbag. This is perfect for college for carrying around heavy books. It's just such a decent bag for every occasion.

I received the bath and body products from Josh's nanny and grandad. I love Baylis and Harding products, although I do admit that I've never heard of Spa Sanctuary. I honestly can't wait to try out all of them.

I got a Rio nail art kit from Josh's auntie and uncle. They know that I do nails, so this is obviously why they got it for me. I can't wait to try this out on my nails before I go back to college! 

What I got for christmas blog

Snoozies slippers

Ted Baker perfumes

I got the necklace, hairgrip, slippers and Ted Baker perfume from my auntie and uncle. I have been in need of some new slippers and these are just so cosy and fluffy. I got the connected ring bracelet from my godmother. I don't usually wear jewellery like this, it's definitely different but so pretty.

Boux Avenue pyjamas

Chocolates for christmas

Charlie deodorant

fluffy santa socks

I got the fluffy Santa socks from my mums old boss. She's so lovely bless her, she always gets me and my sister birthday and Christmas presents. The others I received from my two aunties. I already have these pyjamas from Boux Avenue which I got last year, the only difference is that these are a lot more pink compared to last years. And can you imagine my face when I opened the chocolate and jelly beans?

Boux Avenue boxers

Boux Avenue underwear

Another little present from my godmother. I don't wear underwear like this unless I'm on my period as I find it more comfy. I love the pix-elated look of the writing and hearts.

Boots extracts

Money and Vouchers

Some more chocolates and some more luxurious stuff from Josh's youngest sister (it's strawberry, I'll smell good!) I received money from my nanny, grandad and my auntie and uncle as that's what I preffered - just because I didn't know exactly what I wanted. A £30 tattoo voucher, a voucher for my local shopping mall and a football ticket for Norwich City on the 2nd of January.

This post isn't meant to come across as bragging, I am extremely happy with everything I got this Christmas. I have been spoilt and I am so grateful for everything!
Now, roll on the year of 2016!

What did you get for Christmas?

Saturday, 26 December 2015

What I Bought My Loved Ones This Christmas

It's come around again, that time of the year. I hope everyone has had a lovely Christmas!

I was going to put this post up as part of my blogmas series but my boyfriend started to read my blog and my blogmas posts quite recently. Obviously, I couldn't post this as he would've known what his presents were before Christmas as he's nosey! But hey ho it's here now.

Lets get into it...

These are the gifts that I bought my boyfriend. We went to the cinema to watch Inside Out in September and he loved it, we always love the Disney films. I also bought him a top from Hollister, the other one is from my parents. He was in need of some jeans and socks so I headed to Primark to get a good bargain on the jeans. I also bought Josh two pairs of socks but me being me forgot to take the price off them before I took the photo so unfortunately, I couldn't include them in this post.

 Josh has been going on for a while saying that he wanted a new phone case with a photo of us from holiday, so that's what I done. When this got delivered, I didn't really know what to think about it, it looks quite dark. I thought that it may as well be black and white but oh well. Last of all is a Lynx set, I always get him deodorant of some sort at Christmas time.

I know that Josh's youngest sister likes products from Lush so I headed straight there to get her present. I love the Snow Fairy range so I decided to get this little gift which includes a bubble bar and snow fairy shower gel. 

For my boyfriends other sister, I bought her the magic wand from Lush (I love this myself) and also a Lynx set.


 I have one of these Anker chargers myself and they come in handy so much! My sister always used to borrow mine when she was out and about, so she put it on her Christmas list and I thought it was a fantastic idea to get her one. She also got an Xbox One for Christmas and this is one of the most played games that she plays on the Xbox 360. Just look at the price of it though, need I say more? 

My sister wanted some more underwear so me and my mum headed straight to New Look and got this insanely pretty bra, I love it myself! Last of all for my sister, she was in need of some new mascara. Also, I caught her looking at this contour kit in Boots the other day so I went and got it.

 My mum loves watching ballet shows. So, I decided to buy her two tickets to watch Giselle at our local theatre. I'm sure that she'll absolutely love it!

Unfortunately, I haven't included everyone's presents on here like my dad, aunties, uncles etc.. as they were the first presents that I ever wrapped before even thinking of the idea of this post. This may give you ideas for the January sales or even for next Christmas!

Have a lovely boxing day!