Sunday, 16 February 2020

What I've Been Watching On Netflix Recently

Liam and I have been obsessed with Netflix at the moment. I feel like there has been so much great stuff on there, I had to share our recent watches with you. We still have lots left on our list to get through too.

This reality series is about individual volunteers going undercover as prisoners in a jail in Indiana for 60 days without inmates or staff knowing.
It is a really interesting documentary, learning about seven very different, innocent people volunteering to leave their families behind and experience life behind bars. 

This film is fairly new on Netflix and man is it good! After watching it, I've literally recommended it to everyone. 
After Grace's ex moves on with somebody else and her son moves away, with the help of her best friend, Grace meets the man of her dreams. However, not too long after marrying her love, she's shut in a cell awaiting trial for his murder.
I can't explain much without going into too much detail but it's definitely worth a watch.

Again, this series is recent to Netflix. Liam and I actually watched this whole series in less than 12 hours.
A mother and her three kids move back into their ancestral house after the murder of their husband/father. In this home, they discover multiple magical keys which they use to open different doors. The three siblings have to protect these keys from an evil creature who wants them.

I actually found the first episode of this series very slow and hard to get into. However, stick to it as it's worth the watch.
A father of two boys randomly comes across a stranger one day, to which the stranger tells him a shocking secret about his wife. This father gets caught in a mystery and desperately searches for answers.
The ending will surprise you and it won't be what you expect. But overall, it's a really decent series.

Let's be honest, I probably don't need to go into too much detail with this one. I feel like since the most recent series has aired, (series 2), everyone has watched it. 
A man stalks as well as use social media to gain information about a certain woman to get close to her. He soon becomes obsessed and 'strange', keeps items that doesn't belong to him and gets rid of anything and anyone in his path.

Have you seen any of my recent watches? What are your opinions?

Saturday, 8 February 2020

Three Base Picks From Revlon

revlon colorstay products

revlon colorstay range

Revlon has to be my favourite drugstore makeup brand, hands down. No matter what, I always seem to get on with their products.
I only realised, when editing the photos for this post, that all three products are from the colorstay range. This post is definitely not sponsored, haha.

First up is the Revlon Colorstay combination/oily foundation. I'm sure I've written about this little gem on my blog before. In the winter months, I always get it in the shade 'buff' as it's the perfect colour for me. It's just your typical drugstore foundation. It doesn't go patchy throughout the day and it really keeps my oily T-zone under control.

Next is the Revlon Colorstay concealer. This is on the list of my top favourite concealers I've owned. I think this is a very close second to the Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define coming first.
Colorstay does settle into the fine lines under my eyes, but with a damp beauty blender and after setting it with powder, all is good.

Talking of setting powder, this is my third base fave. This is in 'light' or I sometimes buy the 'translucent' one - depends what I'm feeling, y'know. You don't need a lot of product to cover the whole face. It sets everything in place without it going patchy or looking like there's product build-up.

The clues in the name of all of these products. They don't really budge at all. Sometimes I need to touch up a few areas with my pressed powder but hardly ever and it depends what I'm doing to have to touch it up.