Tuesday, 28 August 2018

What Products I Used in Mexico

what products to take on holiday

Oh hi, remember me? I was planning to get posts written up and scheduled to be published for when I was on holiday, but I never got round to doing it. I arrived back from Mexico last Tuesday and the jet lag is real. Even now, we all still feel so knackered and deflated but we're getting there and we'll be back to normal soon (hopefully)! 

I don't know if it's just me, but does anyone else take waaay too many clothes on holiday and never end up wearing half of them? Well, this time I was actually wise and planned my outfits before packing my suitcase and I actually wore every bit of clothing that I packed. Shock. Little did I know that I weren't that smart as I packed way too many toiletries. I didn't use half as many products as I thought I would. Oh and I packed eyeshadow brushes but no eyeshadow palettes... I'll allow you to laugh.

what products i used in mexico

products to take to mexico

What I actually used:
Of course I used suncream and aftersun. I actually went through a whole bottle of aftersun and a whole bottle and a half of suncream - I burn easy, ok? I'm glad I took an extra bottle of each though. I also took the Australian Gold sunscreen bronzer tanning spray and it did help me get a bit of colour. Besides using my shampoo and conditioner, dry shampoo was my best friend. It made shoving up my hair so much easier. Along with that, I also used my anti-humidity spray by Lee Stafford. He's an amazing guy. Mexico was insanely humid and it made my hair go so frizzy and poofy and this little product worked wonders.

To keep my skin hydrated, I brought along my coconut body butter and my Nu Skin moisture mist. The moisture mist is amazing. If my hair was dry, I simply spray the mist in my hair throughout the day and it also helps to avoid swelling of my feet in the heat. If like me, you don't do too well in the heat, it's a great product to carry around with you and cool yourself down with. My hands and feet always seem to be quite dry, nevermind being in 40 degree heat abroad. So I brought my hand cream with me and applied it on my feet as well as my hands. 

The mosquitos were in full force when we went, so I took two cans of the good ol' jungle formula. It did work but I did get bitten a few times but what do you expect? I was in the jungle part of Mexico.

Have you been on holiday recently? Are there any products you wish you had taken?