Sunday, 16 April 2017

Fake Kylie Lip Kits: How to Spot a Fake

fake kylie cosmetics

Wow, it's been a month since I last blogged. It's weird being back but I've missed it terribly! So much has happened in my life recently; loved ones have left and new people have come in. I just needed a break from everything and working full time makes it harder to fit things in which I enjoy doing alongside. Anyway, I'm back with a post which you may find pretty pointless or very helpful, I've definitely learnt my lesson. A few months ago, silly ol' me saw a suggested page come up on my Facebook called Blingtrend. It was advertising 'discounted' Kylie lip kits at the time. I was going to buy one for my sisters birthday after weeks of her begging. Obviously, Kylies lip kits aren't the cheapest so when I saw this deal, I thought why the hell not!?

The website was clean and had the 'secure payment' and '100% satisfaction' labels. I was a little unsure at the time what to think of the whole 'discounted lip kits' situation but I ended up buying the one she wanted anyway. It had been three weeks since I bought the Koko K lip kit and I didn't have any confirmation email. I emailed them numerous times asking when it would be delivered and I heard nothing. I ended up doing a little bit of research about this website and there's SO many bad reviews and everyone saying that it's fake. Why didn't I do this research before making payment? Arrhh.

difference between a fake and real kylie lip kit

I ended up buying the real deal from Kylie Cosmetics. Luckily, it arrived just in time for her birthday. After a month of purchasing the Koko K lip kit from this dodgy site, it arrived at my door. Obviously, I could tell that it was fake straight away when my sister had the genuine one.

The real Koko K is on the left whereas the fake one is on the right. The colour is completely off. The fake lipstick is darker but is more of a pinky/purple colour compared to the real Koko K which is more of a dark nude. The tubes are very similar but the real one is a little bit wider. The text on the fake lipstick is bolder and quite jaggedy.

fake kylie lip kits blog

kylie cosmetics koko k

The colour of the design on the fake box is completely different to the colour of the fake lipstick. It's purple compared to what it actually looks like. Packaging is a massive giveaway with fake cosmetics - especially when it looks and feels cheap too. Let's also talk about the smell; like every fake cosmetic it smells of chemicals, ew. Although, the real Koko K smells really sweet so that's positive.

You can also notice the difference by the suction when you pull the brush out, the genuine one comes out smoothly whereas, the fake one stops before getting all the way out. Don't even get me started on the difference of the brushes! So, the real Koko K is on the right of this picture; the brush is shorter and fatter compared to the fake one which looks like any regular lipgloss you bought when you were 10. The stick is wider and clear unlike the fake one which is thinner and white coloured.

fake vs real kylie lip kit

I decided to do a swatch on a piece of paper. I'm sure you can tell which one is real before I even explain. The real Koko K is thicker and goes on smoother. The fake Koko K is a really thin product and it never dries, it stays tacky all day. Your lips are always sticking together, it's so annoying. The real Koko K dried in minutes with no smudging. Just look at the colour and consistency between the two products. It's mad!

If you see a cosmetic like this selling for a ridiculous price, don't think twice. Who knows what chemicals fake cosmetics have in them? Don't fall for it! Have you ever bought a fake product before?

koko k lipstick real and fake