Friday, 23 March 2018

I'm Featured on Blogger Love!

Since the beginning of 2018, I have kinda abandoned my little blog due to shitty personal life situations. So, when I saw that Em from Em's World had created a blogger showcase, I was more than interested to take part! All I had to do was answer 10 simple questions about myself and my blog which was then featured on her Blogger Love tab on Em's World. This is for her readers and maybe for you lot that want to know a little bit about me and for my blog to have a little more lovin'. Go and have a read here, and let me know what you think :)

Monday, 19 March 2018

Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter First Impressions & Review

makeup revolution liquid highlighter

makeup revolution liquid highlighter review

I had never tried a liquid highlighter in my life until now. I always questioned how it's used and what if it goes wrong etc etc etc. In other words, I'm just a wuss and don't have a bloody clue about anything! I had seen so many people go on and on about this very particular liquid highlighter from Makeup Revolution, so as it was only £6, I thought to myself, why the hell not give it a go!? I originally wanted the 'champagne' liquid highlight - which is a gorgeous golden pink colour but of course with my luck, it was sold out.

Instead, I decided on the 'starlight' liquid highlight - which is a white, pale pink colour. If like me, you're a pale gal, this would really suit your skin tone. When I first saw it online, I honestly thought it was going to be way too pale and bright for my liking. Oh I was so wrong. Makeup Revolution have brought out a highlighter dedicated to every single skin tone which is amazing!

makeup revolution liquid highlighter starlight

makeup revolution liquid highlighter starlight review

The first time I used this, I didn't have a clue how much product to use. I admit, I used waaaay too much. The astronauts in space could've probably seen me glowing. I patted it in with my fingers and used a beauty blender and I found that the beauty blender worked best. This highlight is absolutely blinding once it's just applied, never mind when the light hits it! It's so highly pigmented, I just can't believe the price.

As it's so intense, I would wear this on a night out instead of on a day to day basis. Although, if I do choose to wear it during the day, I have managed to make it more subtle by applying pressed powder on top and it works a treat every time. It lasts all day and it doesn't go patchy like I expected it to.

Makeup Revolution are absolutely booming at the moment! Have you tried their liquid highlighters?

Thursday, 15 March 2018

How To Style a Sheer Top

how to style sheer

 So, I'm back with an outfit post, o.m.g - the nerves. As much as I love blogging about fashion, it fucking scares me every time I see myself on the internet. As well as that, I always feel ever so awkward going through the pictures and pick out so many flaws about myself. There's not many pictures that I keep - no matter how many are taken. It has taken me a while to learn how to love my body and the lumps and bumps that are a part of me.

I also apologise for being so MIA for the past month on my blog and social media. My nan was taken into hospital back in February and she's been really unwell since, so I've been doing endless trips back and forth up there. On a good note, I very recently achieved one of my goals that I wanted to smash this year and that was to get another job. I only found out two days ago that I got this job and I am still over the moon. You can read my other goals for 2018, here. Now that little life update is over with, let's chat about everythaang you need to know about styling sheer.

how to style sheer blog post

how to dress up sheer

Sheer has been ever so popular in the fashion world since last year and I personally, never thought I would be able to rock it. But, you can style it SO many ways. I usually wear sheer on a night out or if I'm going for drinks etc. I personally don't have the confidence to wear sheer out and about during the day. 

It's what's underneath that matters. I find that lacy pieces are much more flattering than just a plain black crop top/tube top or a bra/bralette. I always style my jeans and sheer top with this lace detailed crop top or if I'm feeling really confident and sassy (ha!), or depending on where I'm going, I wear a black laced bra under my sheer top instead.
The only time I won't wear a crop top underneath, is when I wear a high waisted skirt - just because I feel like there's too much going on. So, I just stick to my lacy black bra instead. 

With sheer, you can wear any sort of shoes. If you want to dress it down, stick on some cute trainers, plimsolls or ankle boots. If you want to dress it up, heels work best. Although, these knee high boots look lush paired with the skirt.
You don't have to wear jewellery but I feel like it just completes the whole look. It can even be minimal. I always like to wear my ol' faithful hoops or my dangly earrings for when I'm going out because you can see them, whereas studs, you can't. A statement necklace would also go perfectly with a sheer top. Blazers and jackets look gorgeous with this outfit and can change the whole look. It can also 'cover you up a bit' if you're feeling a little unconfident. Let me know what you think of these outfits.

how to style sheer with a skirt

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