Monday, 14 December 2015

Blogmas Day 14 : What's on my tree..

I have seen many ‘What’s on my tree’ blog posts in the past and I loved the idea of it, so I thought, why not do it myself?

We used to have a real tree every year but the pine needles used to get everywhere! From about two or three years ago we bought an artificial tree and it’s less messy.

We usually have the same decorations on the tree every year. So, I won’t be able to list where every decoration is from as we've had them for like, my whole life. I do like the idea of a theme for Christmas trees but my mum isn't quite into that. When I get my own place, Christmas decorations will be a lot different!

We used to have the multicoloured lights pinned around our living room ceiling for quite some years and I just loved them. It was so different. Although, dad didn't like the tiny holes in the ceiling so they ended up going on the Christmas tree.
We’ve always had blue lights on our tree and they flash every now and then. I don’t like it when lights are flashing non-stop and you can see them in the corner of your eye, how annoying! Headache.

The blue and pink baubles are really lightweight and if you press on them too hard, you will make a dent in them. These are so nice and simple though. How cute is the rocking horse and the bear? I love them sort of vintage decorations.

I love this bunch of decorations! When I was younger, I used to be obsessed with the angel and her fluffy wings. We also have the three wise men but they all look the same (for some odd reason).

I have always loved the glittery gold spiral ever since I was little. It's just so different to other decorations. The gold icicle was also my favourite, we actually used to have loads of these particular decorations. My sister made the snowman in design and technology at school a couple of years ago, how cute!

Mum got the Harrods bauble back in 2013 when she went to London. I can't remember exactly how much this was but it's so pretty and such great quality. I bought a pack of the Norwich City badges last year to go on the Christmas tree. Me and my mum both support this team so she was pleased when I returned home with them.

We always have these small crackers on the tree. We never pull these crackers, so who knows what's in them. Every year we always have chocolates on the tree. Me and my sister usually eat them way before Christmas time so mum usually has to go out and buy some more. I can admit that this year I have been very good with not eating them!

And to top the tree is this star! It's not a proper tree topper, but it works!

What's on your tree?

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