Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Blogmas Day 23 : Blogs I've Loved in 2015

So, I have been part of the blogging community for almost a year now. (Crazy!) Even though I read blogs before I started blogging, ever since I started my little blog I've read so many more lovely blogs. How many times have I just mentioned the word blogs?

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I thought that I would share the blogs I've loved throughout 2015 with you so you can read and follow them too!

Robowecop - Just the name of this blog is amazing! Rhianna's blog is laid out so perfectly and her pictures are beautiful! Her blog is just perfect altogether.

Chloe's Way - I came across this blog only a few months back. I spent ages going through Chloe's blog and reading all her posts. I absolutely love the way she has set it out too.

A Little Obsessed - I have always loved this blog, before I even started blogging myself. Sabrina takes amazing pictures and she blogs so often that I barely keep up. When I have a lot of spare time, I manage to catch up on all of her posts.

Very Berry Cosmo - Kayleigh is the most sweetest girl ever, she's so down to earth and I just love her! I'm so glad that I found out that she has a YouTube channel, I'm subscribed. Also, she's the best graphic designer I know, just go to her blog and you'll see.

Beauty Billboard - I love Ruth's posts! They're such fantastic content! Blog goals, that's all I have to say.

LaLa London - Laura's blog is just so girly and pretty. I love every post that she publishes, it's so me and inspires me.

Being Ashleigh - I have followed Ashleigh on Twitter for quite a while now and I have gotten to know her through a whatsapp group that she made for blogger friends. She's such a lovely and down to earth girl and I'm so happy for her making it in the magazines!

Blush and Blend - Courtney has just recently changed her blog name, which used to be Lipstick Full of Optimism if you know her by that name. I love reading all of Courtney's posts and also admiring her fab photos!

Krystalcx - Me and Krystal have actually become really good friends and I'm glad to have met her. We talk all the time and it's just so nice to have a blogger friend to talk to when feeling down. Krystal is such a lovely girl and you can tell by just reading one of her posts. Krystal has amazing content all the time, I don't know how she does it. Tell me your secret..

Couture Girl - I read Kayleigh's blog before I even started blogging myself. This is another amazing blogger that inspires me so much. If only I could create great content and take amazing photos like this girl!

These were some of my favourite blogs that I loved in 2015. What blogs did you read throughout 2015?

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  1. Awwww Meg!! Thank you so much darling! I love you girlie! xxxx