Monday, 21 August 2017

How I Know He's The 'One'

A lot of people say that you'll just know when you meet 'the one' and I can't agree any more with that saying! Growing up, I have always wanted to get married and have kids and just have that perfect family. After being in a few relationships, I knew whether or not I wanted kids with them and whether I wanted to spend the rest of my life with them or not. But in the current relationship I'm in now, I'd definitely love to marry him and have kids. I really think he's the one.

Trusting eachother
Don't let yours or their past stop you from having trust in your relationship. What happened in past relationships doesn't matter. You're focusing on the present and future now, not having trust in your relationship can stop you both from moving forward. 

The occasional arguments
Every single relationship have arguments. If you don't have arguments, are you even in a serious relationship? I always find that your relationship is stronger after an argument, no matter how stupid or serious the row was. We always tend to end up laughing about the five minute most ridiculous argument afterwards.

When he's supportive af!
I've never been with anyone that's been this supportive of me as Liam is. We've been through everything together that you can imagine. Going through my anxiety problems, losing my uncle and other life problems that happened right when we got together, he's truly been amazing.

Laughing till you can't breathe
I have such a great sense of humour anyway, but being with someone that also has a great sense of humour is EVEN better! If I've had a bad day at work or if I'm feeling down, Liam never fails to make me laugh. We laugh about the most random things too. We even have our own inside jokes, (currrryyyyy, Liam, that was for you). Even if I wake up at 4am, Liam wakes up too and we still laugh somehow.

He still gives you butterflies
The way he kisses me, the way he makes me breakfast in bed, those random date nights, walking around the park hand in hand, cute text messages, certain ways he look at me. Just silly little things. I always thought the butterflies would eventually go away after time. Obviously, I was wrong.

The sex is still amazing
I don't think I've ever written about sex on my blog, not even the word 'sex'. It feels weird just typing it, lol. Sex sex sex sex. If the sex is still amazing as it was the first time you done it and you're not getting bored, then that's incredible!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Growing up, I have completely understood this saying more and more. Liam recently left me for two weeks to go abroad on holiday with his family, and as much as I missed him, he weren't gone for that long and I can't even explain the feeling I felt when he got back. It's not healthy to be with eachother 24/7 in your relationship. It's nice to have some time apart and look forward to seeing eachother when the time comes.

Are you currently in a serious relationship?


  1. Does he know you want to marry him and have his kids? :D
    anyway, I'm really happy that you're in a great relationship and I wish you all the luck with it :) love is amazing!!

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

    1. Thank you so much Honey :) He does and he feels the same way which is amazing! It's crazy how I've never felt like this about anyone before - even in my previous 4 year relationship I never felt this way. It's so strange how you just know x