Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Collection vs Freedom Brow Pomades

freedom brow pomade

collection brow pomade review

Freedom Brow Pomade
I have been using this since the start of the year and I've loved it ever since, I'll never go back to using powders or pencils. It's a very creamy product and a little goes a long way - you don't need a lot of product on your brush to fill in your brows. It's soft and easy to blend and work with (easy to fade too). I bought this in the colour 'soft brown' which is the perfect colour for me - it's the perfect shade for light blonde hair. Alongside this shade, it also comes in plenty more shades so you're guaranteed to get the perfect colour. 

It lasts all day without transferring or smudging.
This could definitely be a dupe of the famous ABH brow pomade and I'm sure that everyone else that has tried this would say the same. I can definitely say that I won't run out of this anytime soon. For just £5, I think it should be worth more.

Collection Brow Pomade
As I had been getting on so well with Freedoms brow pomade, I wanted to try out more drugstore pomades. So, I found this cheapy Collection one for just £3.99. Although it's in a much smaller pot than Freedoms, again, a little goes a long way with this product. The texture is a lot softer than Freedoms, which I prefer. But, it's harder to build up the colour as it applies softly too. I bought this in the shade 'brunette' and it's pretty much exactly the same colour as the Freedom product - only a little bit lighter as the product was too soft for me to build up. Unlike Freedom, this product doesn't have many shades to choose from, but as it's soft, you could easily get away with your preferred colour.

Again, this is also creamy and lasts all day too. I've never had any problems with it transferring but it can smudge. I use a clear brow gel on top anyway just to be safe and it doesn't seem to smudge through that. However, this brow pomade is a little harder to work with compared to Freedom. But, they're both amazing quality for their price. I'd probably pay the extra pound and a bit to buy the Freedom pomade again instead.

freedom brow pomade review

Have you tried either of these brow products?

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