Sunday, 20 November 2016

The Perfect Duo for the Party Season

next sparkle azure review

I actually got these as presents for my birthday back in June. But, recently trying them out for the first time ever, I have figured that this duo is perfect for the party season and the night life. Firstly, can I just point out how pretty the blue coloured design is? I love how both the perfume and the body mist bottle transition from dark blue through to light blue. So pretty!

Sparkle Azure Eau de Parfum-
I'm not great at describing smells hence why I don't write many perfume reviews. But, I like to try my best. If only I could spritz it through the screen to you, it'd be so much easier. Let's be honest, with the technology nowadays, in about ten years, it may be possible. The perfume is a sweet, florally scent which really isn't that strong. With aquatic and white musk notes, it smells really fresh. I feel like many people would either love or hate this perfume. Whilst the scent doesn't last for too long, you'd have to re-spray it throughout the day/night.

Sparkle Azure Shimmer Body Mist-
The perfumes scent is more intense than the mist although it does have a very similar smell. When I first saw this, I was obsessed with how shimmery it was in the bottle. Once sprayed onto the skin, the amount of shimmer is just right, there's not too much or too little. Also, when you're under the right kind of light, your skin looks so pretty sparkling away.

next shimmer body mist

next sparkle azure review

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