Thursday, 24 November 2016

A Pink & White Outfit for a Chilly November Day

november 2016 ootd blog post

pink ootd blog post

Firstly, I have a couple of things to update you on, a few posts ago I mentioned that my camera lens packed up on me. I still haven't got it sorted (boooo), so I'm relying on my iPhone 5S and my little old Canon Powershot, which both really aren't great so I apologise for that. Also, after having the same hairstyle for seven odd years, I really wanted a change. So, I had a full fringe cut in. It's not a major change but it's different and I like it. It took a bit of time to get used to but every one says they like it and that it suits me. Anyway, cracking on with the post...

As it has become a lot chillier recently, I have been pulling out my scarves and hats. I don't usually wear hats in the Winter, just because I don't think many hats suit me. But, after spotting this cute fluffy bobble hat in Lakesides Primark back in August (yes, I bought this in August), I just had to buy it. I adore how light pink and white look together. So to match my pink and white theme, I wore my pink slip on plimsolls from Topshop, they're super comfy. I love this outfit, so simple yet so cute.

Bobble Hat - Primark
Long Sleeved Top - H&M
White Skinny Jeans - New Look
Slip On Plimsolls - Topshop
Reversible Nude Coloured Scarf - Primark


  1. hey! I found your blog through Bloglovin and it's super cute! I love those trainers and went to see where they were from until I saw TopShop! SO JEL! Can't afford it! xx

    1. Thanks Lexi! And awww, write them on your Christmas list ;) x