Sunday, 6 November 2016

Memories of Growing Up Online...

growing up online

Having a computer in my house since a young age (yes, I had one of those old huge white ones), I have many memories of using a PC that I'll never forget. So, I've put together a list of what I can remember growing up online.

Forever dreaming to be an HC
Habbo Hotel was my favourite game of all time! At the age of twelve, my best friend at the time signed me up to it. I always wanted to pay to be an HC because I was fed up of being called a norm/noob all the time. I wanted the nice HC clothes and the plaited hair, who didn't? I played this game for a few years after, honestly, I was addicted. I queued up to meet Olly Murs on this virtual game three hours before he was due on. (It was legit by the way, it was actually him). I was right at the front of the stage in this virtual room. TEN minutes before he was about to come in the room, my computer crashed. When I turned it back on, I had to log back in and I was in a queue of around 200 other habbos to get into the room. I was gutted.

The one thing that used to bother me was finally winning a game of falling furni and then the owner kicks you from the room and you receive no prize. Habbo Hotel was crawling with scammers.

What's ur addy?
The most famous phrase back at school. Honestly, MSN will always be better than WhatsApp and Skype put together. Remember writing song lyrics or putting your new boyfriends name in your status with a heart emoticon next to it? Me too. You always used to ask your mates if they were 'coming on' after school. Signing in and out to grab your crushs attention. And nudge spamming your best mate when they say 'brb'. I can hear the nudge sound right now. Oh and remember inviting loads of people to a group chat and pretending it wasn't you, everyone used to say 'omg who was that?'

Sharing the luv
Oh Bebo, what happened? I was devastated when they shut this down. It will always be better than Facebook. Remember changing your skin every other day? You could only share the luv three times a day when commenting on peoples walls. Who else remembers re-arranging their top friends every so often? You had to be careful doing this as you could get on the wrong side of your friends very quickly. Also your 'other half' was your bff, obvs.

Forever passing on chain mails..
So if it wasn't MSN, it was emails. You and your friends used to send eachother simple emails like 'Heey, how r u?' changing the colour of the font to pink. And those chain mails that your pals used to send you, oh em gee. Don't deny it, you've passed a few on in your lifetime. Honestly, I thought I was gonna get murdered at midnight by a girl with a knife numerous times. I then had to forward it on to ten of my friends so I wouldn't die. Then, you get another one a few days later but this time, 'your mums going to die tonight if you don't forward this to five ppl' in big red bold font. It wasn't until I finally freaked out and my mum told me to ignore them as they're fake. Well, I'm still alive.

Making the 'best' website
I can't count how many websites I made on Piczo. I had as many flashing pictures I could find. Having a song from YouTube on your homepage just made your website complete. Who doesn't wanna listen to Akon every time they visit your site? You and your friends always competed with eachother and left comments on your friends sites from school saying 'love ur site xx'

Trying to beat classmates scores on Cubefield
If you didn't play this in ICT class back in year 7, where were you? Is this even still about? Making sure to get all your work done so in the last ten minutes of the lesson, you and your classmates can play a game of Cubefield and shout across the class what your highest score is.

What are your best memories of you growing up online?


  1. Oh my gosh this is so amazing! I loved Habbo Hotel! It was honestly something I was so addicted to, I couldn't get enough of it!
    Love, Amie ❤
    The Curvaceous Vegan | Instagram | Twitter| Facebook

    1. Habbo was just the best! I'd love to re-visit it and see all the changes! x

  2. You just had to mention MSN, ha? I'm still not over it :D I want it back!

    xo Honey - blog Royal Lifestyle - Twitter - Instagram

    1. I really had to mention it, how could I not? Ha. I want MSN back too! x