Thursday, 28 April 2016

Reconnecting with old friends

I left school back in 2013. As soon as you leave school, everyone goes their own separate ways. I only stayed in contact with one of my oldest bestest friends and even that was minimal. I made new friends at college and suddenly you and your old friends drift apart.

I had a few little arguments with a couple of my friends in my last two years of school, looking back now it was probably pointless and pathetic bickering anyway. My mum always told me "don't worry about the arguments as when you leave school, you all go your own way." I always disagreed with that saying and said we'd all be bff's forever. Mum, you told me so. After two years of college, I qualified as a hairdresser and the 'Hair Squad' (facebook group chat name) still keep in touch. Even though we all live in different places, we all still speak and plan to meet up now and then.

Late last year, one of my old school friends sent me a message on Facebook. In a way, I felt so happy to speak to her as I had really missed her and we were so close. On the other hand, I felt so awkward because we fell out four years ago (neither of us can remember why) and haven't spoken since. I didn't have a clue what to say to her. To this day, we still speak and get on like we had never fallen out.

Two weeks ago, I checked Timehop, which is part of my daily routine. There was a photo of me and my old school friend from six years ago posing in her bedroom mirror in our school uniform. I smiled to myself because I remembered that night so well, it was hilarious! I was debating on whether to post it on Facebook or not. Nervously, I posted it and tagged her in it. She commented on the photo saying that she also remembered that night too. I really wanted to message her to find out why we stopped talking in the first place, what she's doing with her career and how her family is. I was so nervous waiting for the reply, maybe she wouldn't of replied. But, she did and I'm so glad she did. She can't remember how we stopped talking either and now we're planning to meet up and have a catch up.

I still have many old friends that I haven't spoken to in years. Maybe, just maybe I might end up starting a conversation with them too. If you miss your old friends and your memories, send them a message. It makes you feel SO effing good about yourself and it's made me much happier knowing I have them back in my life. Plus, what other excuse is there to go for a starbucks?

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