Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Festival Season | The Essentials

festival essentials

Festival season is here so I wanted to start this month off by putting together my nine festival essentials. To be honest with you, I don't really go to that many festivals but for the ones I have been to, these items have come in handy.

1. Sunglasses - When you look around at a festival, you will notice that almost everyone is wearing sunglasses. I instantly fell in love with these super pretty ones from Coconut Lane, look at them! For 20% off, use my discount code at the checkout - megselizabeth20.

2. Plasters - I carry a few plasters in my bag everyday anyway, you'll never know when you or someone else will need one. I really like these particular fabric ones, I find that they last so much longer than normal ones and they're waterproof too which is fab for when the British weather decides to change.

3. Bumbag - Bumbags are so handy, you can eat, drink and use the toilet so much easier. I spotted this Aztec patterned one from Select Fashion the other day for only £7.99, bargain!

4. TissuesThis one's obvious really, tissues are just handy in general.

5. Hand Sanitiser - After using the loos and before eating, it's just quick and easy to rub in your hands. I love that it smells of strawberry laces too.

6. Dry Shampoo - If you're camping, you'll most probably want this to freshen up your locks.

7. Hairbands and Hairgrips - Again, you never know when you'll need a hairband or some grips. Your friends may also ask you to borrow some too.

8. Phone Charger Case - These things are fantastic when you're out and about and need to put some charge in your phone. These are cheap enough to buy from ebay and there's lots of colours to choose from. You'll thank me for this.

9. Compact Mirror - It's small and can fit in your pocket or bumbags, hence the word 'compact'. I found this cute little one from Debenhams which is currently in the sale, win.

There you have it, my nine top essentials for festivals. What are yours?


  1. We love Carex strawberry laces in my house - although it makes us want to wash our hands constantly! You've put together a great list here! I'd maybe bring some snacks - just because I know how expensive festival food can be! ;-)

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    1. Ooh I love the bubblegum one too! Thank you Emily, and yes definitely! x