Saturday, 12 March 2016

Rediscovering the love of... Hi Brow!

Hi Brow

I got this for Christmas 2014 and I've used it a fair amount of times. Although, I ended up falling in love with another eyebrow product which I use everyday that is the I-groom pencil from New Cid Cosmetics. I have used Hi Brow here and there when I felt like using it and when I've created some makeup looks. I wrote a post on this last year which is why I'm rediscovering my love of Hi Brow today, I've missed it a little.

Hi Brow Review

I have the Hi Brow compact in the shade light brown. It comes with a dual ended brush with an angled side and a flat side. In the compact you also get three eyebrow stencils; angled, curved and straight. To be honest, I'm not a massive fan of the stencils, I just can't seem to align them properly with my brows. It's just hard work to be honest. Other people I know have gotten on with them and they have actually used the stencil to tweeze the shape of their brows, which I think is a fab idea!

I usually use the flat side of the dual ended brush and apply the powder very lightly to my brows. If I apply too harsh, it's quite hard to get rid of the majority of the colour. I only apply very lightly as I have light hair, if you have darker hair then you could probably get away with it. I feel like I can work better with powder than pencil. I can also create that 'ombre' look much easier by using a clean spooley and the powder itself. Whereas, using my brow pencil I find that it's a lot more work.

I absolutely love the highlight in this compact. It's not too light or too shimmery, it's just perfect to highlight the brows. It's a nice light pink shimmer. You could probably use this elsewhere on your face too.

What do you use to fill in your brows? What do you think of Hi Brow?



  1. Oh wow this looks like a really lovely brow palette! xx

    Gemma ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. It really is, so glad I've started using it again! x


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