Tuesday, 8 March 2016

GUEST POST: How to Pull Off 4 Spring Biggest Make-up Trends

spring makeup trends 2016

Peter is a beauty editor for HighStyleLife magazine, from Brisbane, Australia. After graduating from Australian Institute of Creative Design, he worked as a beauty consultant and a stylist for few fashion events in Brisbane. Beside beauty and fashion, he loves reading, cooking exotic meals and traveling around tropical destinations. He plans to create his business for beauty and style advising.

With spring just around the corner, the excitement we feel is absolutely understandable. The easy fabrics, the colour explosions, the sun - what's there not to like!

With every season we are experiencing trend changes which is pretty awesome given all of us like to include a little bit of individuality into our lives expressed through clothing pieces we are showing off. Naturally, it's not all about the clothes - much of our personal fashion identity comes through the type of make-up we wear; from heavy to no make-up look to plenty of other options at our disposal, we are really given the opportunity to challenge ourselves and find the look that's going to become our signature piece.

This spring, there'll be four evident and biggest make-up trends you'll simply fall in love with!

Sun Kissed Face

spring makeup trends

We've adored the nude palette throughout 2015 and continued now, too. The appearance of rose quartz and serenity have brought about a particular freshness when combined to the natural tones and now - we are leaning towards the most natural look possible.

A little bit of powder and bronzer on the cheekbones for the sun-kissed effect and you are ready to step out of the house! To channel this look inspired by contouring technique, it is best to keep your skin healthy at all times - apart from exfoliating and natural masks, the way to keep that natural glow and eliminate blemishes is to use organic makeup brushes when applying make-up. Many celebrities who had a rhinoplasty procedure have gone crazy for this look because it supremely covers all face flaws.

Blues for Fierce

blue eyeshadow

Blue is the colour that usually brings about a certain discomfort as not everyone knows how to handle it. However, this summer we will be loving all shades of blue - from heavy dark shades to light blues that reminds you of sea waves. Mostly, it will be worn as eyeliner (thick lines and cat eyes), nail polish, highlights in the hair and eyeshadow. Those edgier will try their blue on the lips too. Why not!

Ever since Serenity was introduced into the make-up palette of 2016, designers have been racing to include it into their collections and transition the trend to clothes too, so don't be surprised if you start seeing blue all around.

Coral lips, kiss me

coral lips

Lip fashion is going to be super youthful and soft - from see through lip glosses that will enhance your pout (never overdo with the lip gloss as it will cheapen you) to colours like coral red, mauve and rose quartz (we've already been using these and we'll continue to do so), orange and deep red. The deep red isn't a surprise as it's really a classic and will never go out of fashion.

Yellow on the lids, I am the Sun

yellow eye shadow

A pretty awesome surprise comes in the form of yellow eye shadow and eye liner that will be a real hit this spring! The thicker your yellow is on the eyes, the more cool you'll look - a thick eyeliner on a darker skin will give the eyes that extra pop you were looking to achieve and brighten up the whole face!

Similarly to the yellow, sparkles on the eye will also be a dominant part of the make-up trend in spring. Even though we are used to using sparkles for big events and festivals, this time around the sparkle is following into 2016. Get your eyes twinkling and add some shimmers to your regular look by subtly wearing your sparkle during the day or full on for the evening!

Happy spring, you little beauties - enjoy the new colours of your face!


  1. loving all the different trends for this Spring , especially blue on the eyelids.

    Nazira | Love Hijab Girl | Bloglovin

    1. I thought blue on the eyelids wouldn't suit me, but I gave it a go and I was wrong! Looks so pretty!