Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Kaeso Beauty

kaeso beauty

kaeso beauty product reviews

I had been using make-up wipes ever since I started wearing make-up at the age of 13. I never knew how bad they actually were for your skin until I studied beauty therapy at college. I came across the brand, Kaeso Beauty and I love the products, they're perfect for sensitive skin and so affordable.

Revitalise Your Eyes Eye Make-Up Remover - With every eye make-up remover I've tried in my life, they always irritate my eyes and make them itchy. This product doesn't irritate my eyes at all and it's a very gentle creamy consistency, especially good for the delicate parts of the eyes. This product is formulated with witch hazel to improve the condition of the delicate eye area - I must say, which is fantastic for me as I have been using make-up wipes for about five years. 

How to use:
I wet a cotton pad with cold water, fold it in half and place it on my lower lash line. I then put some eye make-up remover, (not too much!) on another cotton pad and gently remove the mascara from my lashes and eyeshadow from my lids. I then repeat that routine on the other eye. I use this product before cleansing my face.

Calming Cleanser - In Kaeso's cleansing range you can get hydrating cleanser which is for normal to dry skin, rebalancing cleanser for oily to combination skin or you can get calming cleanser for sensitive skin. Obviously I have sensitive skin so I went with the calming cleanser. It's a very light creamy product which is very easy to use and wash off. This cleanser contains Vitamin E which helps protect the skin against the environment. The main ingredients in this product is mulberry and pomegranate. Mulberry soothes and moisturises and pomegranate helps protect the skin from UV damage. I always feel and look so refreshed afterwards.

How to use:
I use this after removing all of my eye make-up. I simply damp my face with clean warm water and apply a good amount of cleanser to my face and jawline. I rub it in circular motions just to get those impurities and dirt out of the skin, don't forget the top of your neck! Then with clean warm water, I wash off the cleanser. After cleansing, I pat my face and neck dry and apply my toner.


  1. The eye make up remover sounds great, products with witch hazel always seem to do great things for my skin so I may have to try this! X