Sunday, 20 March 2016

Peachy Pastels : Spring Nails

Rimmel London - 408 Peachella - Rita Ora Collection

I personally love pink and pastel colours, so when I saw this, I fell completely in love with it! I love Rimmel London nail polishes anyway. I'll admit now to owning quite a lot of them. Although until now, I haven't ever owned one from Rita Ora's collection.

Obviously, it's a very peachy colour, I'd class it as a dainty pastel spring colour. It has a fat brush which I prefer to the small, thin brushes. I feel like it's so much easier and quicker to apply the polish.
Peachella is a manageable consistency. Let's be honest, nobody likes them really runny nail polishes. It suits pale people lovely which took me by surprise. I honestly thought it wouldn't because it's such a light colour itself.

Peachella lasts around a week without chipping. To add shine and make them last longer, I used Soap & Glory's 'the all clear' top coat. Peachella is the perfect colour for spring!

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