Friday, 4 March 2016

Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama Mascara

Upgrading from my recent affair with Maybellines Lash Sensational, I fancied a change and bought The Falsies Push Up Drama mascara. The packaging instantly got my attention - who would've thought that pink and red looked so good together? I honestly thought that this was double ended. I assumed that the pink part of the tube unscrewed as well as the top part, but it didn't - awkward. 

maybelline the falsies push up drama mascara

the falsies push up drama

The first use, there was a lot of product on my brush and I found that the mascara had a very wet consistency. Which meant, my lashes looked a bit clumpy and it took a while for me to sort them out. However, using this mascara a number of times after, I haven't experienced the same problem I had the first time I used it. 

maybelline push up drama

It's a very different brush compared to the Lash Sensational - which is much more curved and a little fatter. I love the bristles of this brush, they're cup shaped and very close together to make sure it gets every lash and gives the volume needed. The pictures of my eyelashes are from the second use. Again, there was a bit too much product but it was much more manageable than the first time round. 

It definitely gives enough volume and lift. Remember, I don't use eyelash curlers so imagine my lashes after using eyelash curlers, woah! The mascara was very easy to apply. Although, I do get a little bit of mascara fallout under my eyes after about 5/6 hours. But overall, I love this mascara! 

maybelline the falsies push up drama

maybelline push up drama mascara


  1. I guess, Maybelline did another good job at creating amazing mascaras! It looks incredible on your lashes :) x

  2. Maybelline have the best mascaras!


  3. I tried this one a few weeks ago and I was really impressed with how long my lashes looked. The clumsiness is annoying though !

    1. I love the amount of volume it gives my lashes but I agree with you, I absolutely hate the clumps!