Friday, 4 September 2015

It's so lush!

Hi lovelies!

Today's post is going to be all about lush! 
If you read 'what I got for my 18th birthday post' you would know that I got a few nice bits from lush from my sister. So here is my lush haul!

lush goodies

Creamy Candy Bath-

lush creamy candy bath

creamy candy bath creamy candy bath

lush products

creamy candy bath review

Smells like sweets. I broke this in half so it wasn't very bubbly but more bubbles seemed to appear after a while of sitting in the bath. By the pictures, you can tell that this was definitely creamy.

Melting Marshmallow Moment-

lush melting marshmallow moment

melting marshmallow moment

lush melting marshmallow moment review

lush marshmallow bath

Looks and smells exactly like marshmallows. There was no fizz, I just waited for it to dissolve. It dissolved quite quickly considering how big it was. The water turned really pink and also had a few sparkles here and there.

King of Skin-

lush king of skin

lush king of skin review

king of skin soap

I couldn't get enough of the smell but the product was still on my skin after many times of trying to wash it off completely, I felt so slimy! Although, the product dried quickly after it being out of the water ready for the next use which is good. Sorry lush, but I won't be using this again. I just didn't get on with it!

You've been Mangoed-

lush you've been mangoed

I love this product! It smells just like mangos - which I love! It left my skin feeling so soft. Definitely better than 'King of Skin!'


lush butterball

butterball from lush

lush butterball review

butterball review

lush bath bomb review

Smells lovely - can't even describe the smell. It fizzed around the bath turning quickly which I was honestly fascinated by. It also dissolved very quickly. I felt incredibly soft as soon as I stepped into the bath.

The Comforter-

lush the comforter

the comforter

lush the comforter review

pink bath

lush bubbles

the comforter bath bomb

I think that this is one of my favourites from lush. It's a very sweet/fruity/berry smell. Leaves me feeling so soft and smooth. Even though I broke the bar up into small pieces, I felt like there was still tons of bubbles from the tiniest bit I broke off. You definitely get your moneys worth with this one.

Shower Gel and Marilyn Hair Treatment-

it's raining men shower gel

It's Raining Men Shower Gel- It smells so much like honey and cinnamon. It's very strong. Myself and other people can smell it on me after coming out of the bath/shower and for the rest of the day, unlike other wash products.

Marilyn Hair Treatment-

lush marilyn hair treatment

This makes my hair a lot softer and much more shiny. Being bleach blonde, my hair is in quite good condition anyway. I'm not too sure about it making my hair brighter though. Maybe it's my fault and I need to use it some more for me to see difference. However, you're meant to put a lot on - which I did. Saying that, you probably can't get many uses out of it anyway - Which is guttering as it's expensive.

What are your favourite products from lush?


  1. Hey love ! I just wanted to let you know that I tagged you for the Liebster Awards, a tag to help small blogs gain a larger audience. Obviously you have no obligation to do the tag, it's up to you ! Anyway, all the informations are in my newest post which you can find here :
    Have a lovely day/evening !

    PS : I really like your blog, can't wait to read more !

  2. I also wrote a post about a few Lush products! You seem lovely :)

    1. I'll definitely check it out! & thank you :-)

  3. The comforter looks so pretty! I love lush bath bombs, there's so much variety too :)

    Neelam // x

    1. It is, it smells so pretty too! I always struggle what presents to buy for people when I go in there, nevermind for myself haha x

  4. Lovely post! I've only tried Butterball and Comforter out of these and loved them both, definitely need a visit to Lush soon! :)
    Jamie -x-

    1. Thank you Jamie! Butterball was the most satisfying one to watch, spinning around in the water haha x