Sunday, 20 September 2015

Makeup Revolution Haul #2 + First Impressions

Hi lovelies!

I bought a few lovely bits from Makeup Revolution a while ago (you can see my first haul here) and I was just so impressed with the quality of the products. So obviously, I bought more!

Stay don't Stray - Eye Primer

makeup revolution eye primer

stay don't stray eye primer

As I suffer from oily skin, I usually get that annoying horrible crease line across my eyelid. Come on, you must know what I'm talking about here!? This primer fixes that! No matter how long I like to keep my eyeshadow on throughout the day/night that crease line doesn't appear, ever!

It also makes the shadows look much more vibrant. Plus, it was only £1.50 - how affordable for something amazing!

Pro Fix Oil Control - Makeup Fixing Spray

makeup revolution makeup fixing spray

I first heard good reviews about the normal fixing spray from other beauty bloggers, so I had been thinking about getting it for a while. While I was on Makeup Revolutions website, I decided to get the 'new oil fixing spray' instead of the normal one. Mainly because it was new and secondly because it is meant to control oily skin.

This sets your makeup for hours straight. Although, I'm not too sure about the 'oil fix' as my skin still gets oily throughout the day. (I must just have incredibly oily skin.)
So to be honest, I might as well have just bought the normal setting spray. It was only £5, so I'm not too bothered.

Hot Smoked - Eyeshadow Palette

makeup revolution hot smoked palette

I wanted a simple palette with a few eyeshadows in and I came across this one! The eyeshadows are incredibly pigmented! This has 12 eyeshadows - 5 matte and 7 shimmer. It also comes with a dual ended applicator, which I don't use anyway. The shadows are incredibly pigmented and believe it or not, it was only £4!

makeup revolution hot smoked

Each shade doesn't have individual names, which is aggravating as I like it when each eyeshadow have names, it's just easier for me.

Eyes Like Angels - 32 Shade Eyeshadow Palette

makeup revolution eyes like angels

 I had to spend so much to get this palette for free. I didn't actually realise until I looked in my basket when I was about to checkout. This palette has 32 shadows. Most are shimmer with a few mattes. There's a mix of bright colours and smoked colours. I absolutely love this palette, such amazing pigmentation! It's only £8!

I actually did a makeup look using this palette which you can find here.

Top row:
makeup revolution eyes like angels

Black Stars, Green Dream, Peach Cream, Orchid, Sophisticated Pink, Dream, Pink Glow, Peacock Dream.

Second row:
makeup revolution eyes like angels swatches

Silver Star, Emerald Night, Lilac Shimmer, Purpled!, Cream, Pink!, Lilac Frost, Award.

Third row:
eyes like angels swatches

Pearl Necklace, Night Stars, Blue Sheen, Pink Frosted, Moss, Molton Chocolate, Choc!, Green Stars.

Fourth row:
makeup revolution eyeshadow palette swatches

Green Envy, Copper Dream, Bold Purple, White Light, Orange!, Aqua Dream, Truffle, Silver Dream.

Golden Sugar - Ultra Blush & Contour Palette

makeup revolution ultra blush and contour palette

As I'm pale, I find it quite hard to get the right colour blush to suit me. So, I thought that I'd take a look on the Makeup Revolution site and I found this! This is both a blush and contour palette - which is handy! So I thought why the hell not!? All these shades are very pigmented and very shimmery.

ultra blush and contour palette

makeup revolution contour palette

Shade 1- This is personally too shimmery and glittery for me. I couldn't really use this as a highlighter.

Shade 2- As I'm quite pale anyway, this is just too light. It just doesn't suit me.

Shade 3- This could be one of my favourite shades in the palette. Somehow, I don't find it as shimmery as the rest of the shades but it suits me best.

Shade 4- This is a very bronze/orange colour. It doesn't suit me at all. It's way too dark.

makeup revolution blush palette

Shade 5- It's not too dark or too light. Can't really see the colour, just the shimmer. Another one of my favourites maybe?

Shade 6- Again, a very shimmery shade. I can't really use very much of this as I'll look like I'll have very dark cheeks. It may look better if I had a tan though. I really do like this one.

Shade 7- This reminds me of Autumn. It's obviously way too dark for me and too intense. A big no no on this one!

Shade 8- Many people contour with this shade, which I have done myself a few times. It does look okay once blended, so it's not so harsh. Yet again, it is quite an orangey colour. I can get away with it though.

Have you ever bought anything from Makeup Revolution before?
What are your opinions on what I've bought?

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