Sunday, 22 January 2017

Boux Avenue's Backless & Strapless Bra!

boux avenue backless and strapless bra review blog

Had enough of questioning yourself and googling whether or not this 'magic' bra works? I have just the answer you're looking for!
After buying a dress which was completely backless, I had limited options. I either buy boob tape and nipple covers or I buy a backless and strapless bra and hope for the best that it works. As it was a night out in the city, I really wanted something to support me but wouldn't unstick halfway through the night, (how awks would that be!). So I went for both options and bought the bra, boob tape and nipple petals just to be on the safe side.

The bra is already moulded into shape and it has clear, flimsy wings either side. It comes with two sets of replacement tape which you stick on the wings so you can wear the bra twice. You can buy some more replacement tape for the wings so you can make use of your bra again. It surprised me how sticky this tape is, it really works! Once the bra is on, you can't see the clear wings at all.

After a few hours, it had moved itself a little so I had to do a little bit of adjusting. By the end of the night, my bra was starting to unstick. Luckily I bought the boob tape and just stuck that vertically over the wings. I guess this happened because I got all sweaty after dancing all night. Boux Avenue also suggests to not wear moisturiser as the bra won't stick to your skin.

If you need a backless and strapless bra for a few hours, hell yeah go for it! The support from this bra was perfect for my size but if you have a bigger bust, I personally wouldn't purchase this. If you're thinking about buying one of these, I advise you to buy a size smaller than you usually wear, just because it'll fit and stick better. This bra comes in the colours nude and black and you have the option to buy it as a boost or as a normal bra. All items mentioned and pictured are from Boux Avenue.

backless and strapless bra review blog

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