Monday, 9 January 2017

Spectrum Brushes: The Glam Clam Review

spectrum glam clam review

the glam clam review blog post

 After browsing the Spectrum website admiring their brushes throughout 2016, I asked for the glam clam for Christmas. How gorgeous is the packaging though?! I like to keep my makeup brushes in a holder as it's easier and less messy than keeping them in my makeup bag. Obviously I can't throw this cute lilac clam away though. Great, more unused clutter for my room. But, this is great for travel purposes and sleeping out, so, it does come in useful.

the glam clam review

spectrum brushes review blog
L to R: B04, ,A17, A01, A06, B06
The brushes remind me of mermaids and unicorns. I love the contrast of the two purple colours with the coppery gold and turquoise coloured handle. I feel like the brushes don't pick up as much product as I'd have liked, probably because I'm used to using my Real Techniques brushes, they literally pick up everything. But, these mermaid brushes still do the job and pick up just enough product. All of the eye brushes apply and blend incredibly well. The set contains:

-B01 Flat top buffer
-A01 Large domed powder
-A05 Precision blush
-B03 Buffing concealer
-A06 Large fluffy shader
-B06 Tall tapered blender
-B04 Small angled blender
-A17 Angled brow
-A15 Lip liner
-A09 Angled eyeliner

spectrum brushes review
L to R: A05, B03, A09, A15, B01
I usually use my fingers to pat in my concealer but I thought I'd give the concealer buffer brush a go. It's fantastic at buffing in my concealer, it doesn't leave any streaks and it doesn't take away any concealer from my face, like some brushes do. I'm not going to go into much detail about every single brush as they all do the same good job. They're all super soft, they all apply and blend well, they don't leave any streaks, they're easy to clean and I haven't had any bristles fall out.

If you're looking for some new, pretty, long-lasting makeup brushes, these are the ones for you! Buy the set for just £59.99 here.


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    1. I know! I've never fallen in love with makeup brushes before haha x

  2. These brushes are so beautiful! I recently got the bombshell brushes and I am a big fan. I find that they do pick up product though? That's a shame that you don't! Pictures look fab! Gweni xxx

    1. I literally want every set they sell! I'm really trying to improve my pictures every time so thank you :) x