Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Naked 2 vs Naked 3: Which One to Buy...

naked 2 vs naked 3

I have only recently begun to properly love Urban Decay. The Naked 3 palette was the first UD product I owned and I used it near enough every day. As I loved it so much, I decided that I wanted the Naked 2 palette for Christmas. I think I will eventually end up owning every palette. The smoky palette is actually next on my list, hah!

naked 3 palette review

naked 3 palette review blog

Maybe I should've cleaned the palette before taking pictures of it, oops, I'm sure you don't mind. Everything about this palette is so pretty. Like all of Urban Decays palettes, they're so pigmented. Although, I do find that some shades are a little more pigmented than others. I also find that some shades are more loose than pressed. For example, you only need to dip your brush in once for 'dust' and 'blackheart' as it picks up so much product. Whereas, you have to brush multiple times on 'trick' and 'burnout' to get the colour you want. If you love pink and shimmery shades, then this will soon be your new bff.

naked 3 palette swatches

naked palettes comparison

naked 2 palette review

As you can see, this palette is a lot cleaner than the Naked 3 palette. There's a mixture of warm and cool tones in this palette compared to Naked 3 which is just full of warm tones. Again, some shades are more pigmented than others and there's some that are loose and pressed. It was so hard choosing my favourite palette as I love both of them the same. I think Naked 2 has to be my favourite though as there's more of a range of colours and I'd wear these colours more than the ones in Naked 3.

All of the shades in both of the palettes are long-lasting and true to how they look in the palette. They're also really lightweight and easy to blend.
Overall, the quality of the palettes are exactly the same, the colour themes are just different. Do you own any of the Naked palettes? If you don't which one out of these two would you choose to buy?

naked 2 palette swatches


  1. Unfortunately, I don't own any UD products, but I'd go for Naked 3 cause it has some other colors than just neutral so there are more options :D

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    1. Ahhh you need to purchase something from Urban Decay! Next on my list is the smoky palette x