Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Maybelline The Rock Nudes Palette Review

maybelline the rock nudes palette review

maybelline the rock nudes palette review blog

After falling in love with the shades in this palette, I decided to ask for it for Christmas. I don't use drugstore palettes that often, but I always love to try them out and see if they're any good for such an affordable price. This palette includes twelve eyeshadows; six shimmers and six mattes.

I'm disappointed that the shades don't have individual names, does anyone else like to know the shades by names? Haha. All of the shades are very soft and powdery which can sometimes cause a little bit of fallout - make sure you're wearing your best eye primer! The majority of shades are more pigmented than others. The only two shades that aren't very pigmented are the second and fourth on the bottom row.

the rock nudes palette swatches
These swatches are in the order of the palette. Top row - top picture. Bottom row - bottom picture.
Hardly any of the shades are true to the colour they look in the palette. A good example is the electric blue colour in the palette, on the top row. When I swatched this, it was more of a dark grey, brownish colour with blue sparkles in it. This shade was a huge disappointment as I was so excited to wear this and I was expecting more of it. Whereas, the first and last shades on the top row are extremely true to colour.

Overall, this palette is touch and go. I'd personally only use a few of the shades out of the twelve.
Is it worth buying? For £9.99, yes as I'd still use the shades. If you're thinking to yourself that you wouldn't use them then don't purchase it.


  1. I hate it when shades aren't the same when swatched, they're all so grey toned! I'm not usually a high street palette person either xx

    Tamz |

    1. Yes! I agree. Especially as I've bought other drugstore palettes in the past and they've always been amazing. This one really isn't great x