Sunday, 14 August 2016

Currently On The Bathroom Shelf...

on the bathroom shelf

It was so hard to take decent photos for this post due to the lighting being behind my products. How annoying! Anyway let's ignore that, I'm going to mention what's currently on my bathroom shelf and maybe I'll make a series out of it.

First on the shelf is my body lotion from Ted Baker which I got for Christmas. Yep, I still haven't used it up! Mainly because it smells amazing and I just don't want to part with it. Let's hope to get some more this Christmas. Next is my No7 body exfoliator, I only use this prior to fake tanning. This is very gentle for my sensitive skin and it smells absolutely wonderful. I feel so refreshed and brighter after... until I slap on my tan.

When I saw the Pinita Colada range come out at The Body Shop early this Summer, I just had to get something. All of their new range smells gorgeous and Summery. I have been using this every time I have a shower/bath. I just can't get enough of it, I will definitely be buying some more.

whats in my bathroom

Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush is another Summery body wash. If you love citrus scents, then you will need to buy yourself one of these. It's such a strong smell but it's not too much. Honestly, the bathroom smells of limes afterwards.
I'm usually a sucker for Herbal Essences but since my sister has been using these Tresemmé hair products, I couldn't resist giving them a go myself. With coconut milk and aloe vera included, I bet you can already smell the goodness of my hair. They simply do the job.

I have recently come across Garnier Ultimate Blends. When my hair is feeling a little dried out, I will use it as a deep conditioning treatment to get the moisture back. I use this twice a week after shampooing my hair and leave it to work for five minutes and then rinse it off. I have gone through this very quickly so I'm glad that this is sold at such a reasonable price.


  1. Great products my dear :D
    I use TRESemmé brand and I really love the products :D

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