Saturday, 27 August 2016

8 Things That Only People With Thick Hair Will Understand

Even though I love my long thick hair, coping with it is sometimes really aggravating. So, I've put this list together of things that all thick-haired people can relate too. Hopefully I'm not alone!

thick hair problems

1. Washing, drying and styling your hair is always such a chore.

2. You need ultra stretchy hair bands so you can wrap them around at least three times to be sure your pony's secure enough.

3. After spending a lifetime of curling your hair, no matter how many cans of hairspray you go through, the curls end up dropping after ten minutes anyway.

4. You break so many hair bands.

5. When going to the salon to have your hair coloured, it costs you a bomb because of all the product they use up and you're sitting in the chair ALL DAY.

6. There's just no point in naturally drying your hair. It will never dry and your hair will end up looking like a lions mane.

7. It takes you forever to detangle your hair. No amount of leave-in conditioner will help you. 

8. The hot weather and your gorgeous hair decides to work together to make it 10x harder for you to cope. Actually, forget 10.. make it 100x harder. Your friends always wonder why you're so hot and sweaty compared to them.

Do you struggle with any of these problems?


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you for reading. Glad you can relate, haha x

  2. I agree with some, but I have to say I haven't actually broke that many hair bands. I founds some really good ones and they've been a good friend :D
    Another thing, I am not blow drying my hair for about 7 years now... I do it if I'm in a hurry or if I know I'll straighten it later, but blow drying makes my hair look like an afro... :D
    And I have curly hair, so I have the opposite problem. Straightening is such a pain! haha
    and for the conditioner - Gliss or L'Oreal (and I'm using one new now but no review yet...)

    xo Honey - Royal Lifestyle

    1. Ooh tell me where you buy your hairbands from! I can never find anywhere that sells stretchy ones. Oh yeah, drying curly hair is not a good idea, haha! I've never heard of Gliss but I've been loving L'Oréal products recently and I'll check out your review once it's up x