Thursday, 23 June 2016

What I Got for my 19th Birthday!

I feel like I haven't written a blog post in forever. But actually, it's only been just under a week since I last posted. And during them six days, I've really missed blogging. My birthday was on the 17th and I was planning to get this post up a couple of days after. After a week of avoiding my mums very bad flu, I decided to wake up with the very bad flu on the morning of my birthday! (sarcastic smile right here). So I haven't been feeling up for taking photos or writing, but I'm back and feeling a lot better. I wrote a 'what I got for my birthday' post last year and I really enjoyed it. Also, it's great to look back on the lovely gifts I got and I find that these posts help me with gift ideas for my friends and family.

gellux led lamp

gellux polishes

I actually asked for this Gellux nail lamp for my birthday as I needed a new one. Little did I know that my parents were also going to buy me six polishes to go with it. I'm so excited to try these colours out! My auntie bought me my favourite alcoholic drink, who doesn't like Malibu? It tastes amazing with pineapple juice by the way, I recommend you try it. Staying on the topic of alcohol... my best friend got me these little drinks. Me and my best friend had a shared birthday night out on the Saturday, so when we were having pre drinks at hers, I was going to take these round to do shots. Me being me, forgot! So, I'm going to have to save these for another time.

what i got for my birthday

My best friend also got me two sets of these Soap & Glory goodies. She also got me Wispa (which I was insanely pleased about and surprised that I haven't eaten them yet), and the Ted Baker body spray which is my all time favourite body spray. Of course I got a birthday badge from my parents, you're never too old to wear a badge. Although, I didn't wear it for work, I wore it as soon as I got in my car for the drive home.

what i got for my 19th birthday

I also asked my parents for this perfume as it's one of my favourites and I had ran out. If you know me well, you will know that I love Pretty Little Liars. Josh bought me the box set, you can imagine my face when I opened this as it was a complete surprise. Josh also paid for our holiday this year as my birthday present too. Along with the Malibu from my auntie, she bought me three Katie Price books. Honestly, her books are so good to read. I'm always hooked on every single one.

what i got for my birthday blog post

My other auntie and my uncle got me some perfume and shimmery body mist from Next along with money. I got a personalised chocolate slab from my mum and sister and I will tell you the funny story to go with it (we find it funny anyway). On my birthday, I opened a few cards and presents in the morning before my parents went to work and my sister went to school. I didn't start work till half 2 in the afternoon so I was at home all day by myself on my birthday. When my mum left to go to work and take my sister to school, she said "bye billy" as in 'billy no mates'. Surely you must have heard of that saying. My reply was "Billy birthday girl" and that is how she addressed me all day. Again, I don't know how this is still in the box.

I was a bit confused to why there was a random piece of card with my mums writing all over it. When I opened it, she had written her own little poem (which by the way, is so good and it rhymes) to basically say that I'm seeing Peter Andre next month. I am so excited to see him and I can't wait! From the rest of my family and friends, I got money. As always, I'm super grateful for everything!

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