Friday, 17 June 2016

My New Skincare Friend | Vanity Planet

I have been eyeing these brushes up for a while, so thanks to 'Shaaanxo' for the 70% off discount, I bought the spin for perfect skin from Vanity Planet. It was meant to be $100 but I got it for $43.38 (£36 GBP) including delivery, which I think is a fantastic price. Obviously, I was stuck between the colours 'strawberry ice' and 'frosted blue' but my heart told me to go with pink.

The spinner includes a body brush, a pumice stone, a facial cleansing brush and a facial exfoliating brush. I find that the different parts doesn't securely fit onto the spinner, they fall off really easily. Especially the body brush. It is a bit of a nightmare. The packaging is so cute, I still keep the spinner and brush parts in the box. The first time I used this on my skin, it felt so strange. The spinner controlled itself on my skin and I found it hard to control it myself. But you end up getting used to it and telling it what to do.

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spin for perfect skin vanity planet

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Cleansing Brush:

You don't realise how much product you actually leave on your skin whilst taking off your makeup... until you use this. The cleansing brush leaves me feeling super clean after use. After cleansing, I usually tone and moisturise which is also what I do when using this. I've experienced a few times when I've toned my face after using the cleansing brush, and there was still leftover product on my cotton pad. Whether it was how long I was using it for for those odd times, I don't know. I usually cleanse for around 10 minutes and then continue my skin routine. The bristles of this brush are super soft which is perfect for sensitive skin like mine when you need to be delicate.

Exfoliating Brush:

As I don't usually exfoliate my face, I only cleanse, I decided that I didn't want to try this brush out. I assume it's still as good as the cleansing brush but is obviously more firm. The bristles again are really soft but they feel much more dense than the cleansing brush. Maybe I should start using this to give my skin a proper clean and to get the remaining dirt out of pores.

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spin for perfect skin review

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Body Brush:

I'm not too keen on this one. It falls off my spinner really easily and constantly - its actually so annoying that I just gave up using it. So, I used it that one time and never looked back. During that one time, when I actually managed to use it, it cleansed my body like any other bath scrunchie. I do love how big it is so it's easy to use and the bristles are really soft and not too rough on the skin.

Pumice Stone:

I have super dry and hard skin on the bottom of my feet (ew). I always use a pumice stone and a callus remover to get rid of the dead skin on my feet. So, I was excited to have a new stone. To be honest, it does the exact same job as every other pumice stone. There's nothing too exciting to know about this attachment.

Overall, spin for perfect skin is great for delicate and sensitive skin. I just wish that the brush attachments would stay on the spinner better. I'm glad I got this at a discounted price. If I would've bought it at $100, I wouldn't be too impressed as I honestly don't think it fits that price. Do you use a spin brush? If so, what brand?

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