Sunday, 26 June 2016

Do You Trust Vodka?

Okay, we can all admit to having a few too many vodka and lemonades or vodka and cokes now and then. I know people that get absolutely hammered and can never remember anything the next day, unless you're me. I remember everything from a night out, no matter how much I drink. Maybe I need to drink a little more? Wait, did I really just say that?

coconut lane phone case

If you follow me on Instagram, you may have seen this pop up on your feed sometime last month. As I was scrolling through Coconut Lanes website, my eye caught this phone case. Obviously I found it hilarious so I had to get it. Matter of fact, I wanted the majority of the phone cases (including the marble one of course) but I was short on money and desperately needed a new case, so I was good and treated myself to ONE. Whilst using my phone, most people ask me what my case says and when I show them they can't help but give me a smirk or a little chuckle.

When you've had one too many, you just end up not caring about anything. Like how you have a few streaks on your arm from your fake tan or that one of your false lashes is starting to lift off. That's all down to alcohol, my beauts. The thing is though... would you believe vodka when it tells you that you can dance? Because I do.

Use megselizabeth20 at checkout for 20% off your order.


  1. Vodka definitely convinces me that I can dance, and whiskey does the same! Haha! Love the case, really minimalist and cute 💗

    Abbey ✨

    1. I'm not a lover of whiskey but vodka is deffo my friend!x

  2. I really like to drink black vodka with tropical juice :D

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