Thursday, 30 June 2016

Only £9 for a High-End Lipstick!?

urban decay lipstick

Over a month ago, someone tweeted that the revolution lipsticks on the Urban Decay website went down from £15.50 to £9 just for that day, how good is that!? If I remember rightly, I think it was something to do with bank holiday (which was ages ago, sorry it's late!) So of course I headed straight to their website. There was so many colours to choose from, I didn't have a clue what colour to buy as I personally like swatching them before buying. In the end, I decided on 'strip' because nude lipsticks are my fave and of course I needed another one. On another up, the delivery was FREE! Oh and did I mention that I also got a free sample size original eye primer. Urban Decay, why are you so nice? Not that I'm complaining, I only paid £9 on the Urban Decay website... what the hell!

urban decay revolution lipstick

urban decay revolution lipstick review blog

When it arrived, I was so excited. I had never tried Urban Decay lipsticks before. Mainly because I personally think that they're so pricey for a lipstick. But at just £9, you can't go wrong. As soon as I took it out of its packaging, I was even more thrilled! The metallic chrome design and wavy texture pulled me in. When you take the cap off, the product itself is sitting in a metallic purple shell which is so pretty. Also, I've never held a lipstick that's so weighty before.

urban decay lipstick review

urban decay strip swatch

I absolutely love the consistency. It's so creamy and easy to apply as it just glides on. I did think that the 'nude' colour I was expecting was different to my usual preference. It's more of a dark nude but it's a lovely colour and after wearing it a few times, I eventually got used to it. I don't normally go for dark lips but I'm trying to build my confidence to go for them shades. This lipstick is highly pigmented, to be honest I would be surprised if it wasn't. It lasts a good few hours, although after eating and drinking I do have to do a little touch up. Overall, I love this lipstick and I'll have to get more. Hopefully UD does some more offers soon!

What do you think of Urban Decay lipsticks?


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  2. I really think the same because my hair is super dry on summer :/

    Amazing review and lovely color. Perfect for summer :D

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  3. I love this shade! free delivery and a sample for nine pounds is great x

    Jen /


    1. I know, I'm still so pleased about it haha x