Sunday, 8 May 2016

Product Empties

As if I've stored empty products in my room for this post, but I love reading these type of posts so I thought, why not do one myself? I'm going to let you know what my opinion is on each of these products, my likes and dislikes and whether I'd buy them again or not.

Soap & Glory Speed Plump Moisturiser - I was a little weary about this product when I first got it as I have sensitive skin. I usually use a hydrating moisturiser from Simple but I thought that I'd give this a go. I'm so happy I gave this product a chance as it's so much better than I thought it would be. It's a very light moisturiser which makes my skin soft and feel instantly refreshed and hydrated. If you love scented products, you will love this! It smells fruity but it's not overpowering.

No7 Makeup Brush Cleanser - I bought this a few months ago. This is great for giving your makeup brushes a quick cleanse if you can't be bothered to deep clean them. I wasn't expecting to run out of the product so quickly, you obviously need enough product to give your brushes a good clean. I probably won't be buying this again, just because I ran out of the product so quick. I'll have to try another brand and see if I have the same problem.

Soap & Glory Feel Good Factor BB Cream - As you can see, I've squeezed this as much as I possibly could. I had never tried bb cream before until I got this, I don't know why. Who doesn't want primer, moisturiser and SPF all in one? Feel good factor does everything it's meant to apart from leaving little areas around my jawline dry and flaky (which was super annoying, by the way). It makes my makeup last all day and it hides my oily skin. I'd definitely buy this again.

Makeup Revolution Oil Control Fixing Spray - I've mentioned this product a few times on my blog. After everyone was all hyped up about Makeup Revolutions fixing spray, I decided to buy one myself. Due to my oily skin, I decided to not buy the original fixing spray, but to buy the new fixing spray - oil control. This is fantastic as a fixing spray itself but honestly, it doesn't control my oily skin at all. I might as well have bought the original fixing spray.

New Cid Cosmetics I-Groom Pencil - This is my go-to eyebrow product. It lasts me so long. This is my second eyebrow pencil since my first one in December 2014, impressive right? The colour isn't too dark or too light which is perfect for me.


  1. great post!

    I never saw the point of brush cleansers. In the end shampoo or even better baby shampoo works just as well and works out cheaper


    1. I definitely agree with you! May as well take the time to deep clean them. Works out cheaper too x