Sunday, 5 April 2015

What's In My Bag?

whats in my bag

Hello and Happy Easter! I have seen loads of people do this on YouTube and also blog posts. It's now my turn to give this post a go. Even though I didn't have a clue what was in my bag when I done this post, I managed to give my bag a good clear out.

ted baker bag

I got this bag from Ted Baker in Essex during the summer. I saw the hot pink one first and I said to my sister "Oh my god, if this was black I would've had it!" I then came across the black bag about 10 minutes after browsing around the store. I was so happy, I had to get it. 

It was £100 at the time. My birthday was a couple of weeks before I got the bag, so I had a lot of birthday money and I didn't know what to spend it on. So, I did spend most of my birthday money on this bag. But, it was totally worth it, I'm absolutely in love with it!

I honestly don't have a clue what's inside, so lets take a look...

Make-up Bag-  I'm sure most girls will carry their make-up around with them. It's just so easy to touch up on your make-up. Like my bag, this is also Ted Baker. I got this years before I got my bag. I am surprised as it has lasted me quite a while.

ted baker makeup bag

2015 Diary- I always get a diary for Christmas from my parents. I just love the way it looks and it is also a slim one so it's easy to get it in and out of your bag.

2015 diary

Pile of random receipts- I don't have a clue how I have so many shopping receipts and bus tickets in my bag. I've now sorted them out and put them in the bin though.

Plasters- These are so handy! You never know when you will need plasters.

Umbrella- I have this Radley London umbrella. I love its pretty designs on it too! You never know when it's going to rain!

radley london umbrella

Some random money- I found some random change at the bottom of my bag. They're now in my purse!

A heart shaped mirror- I've had this mirror ages but it looks so cute! So, I keep it in one of the little pockets in my bag.

Purse- Obviously I will keep my purse in my bag. Yet again, this is also Ted Baker. I also got this before I got my bag. This purse is big enough to store everything I need.

ted baker purse

Keys- I always carry around my keys, just in case I go home and there's no one there. (I've been in that situation before.) I also have cute little keyrings on.

Inhaler- I have really bad asthma, so I always need to keep this with me.

Vaseline- Most of the time I suffer with really bad dry lips so I always carry around a pot of Vaseline.

Hand Sanitiser- I always keep a mini bottle of hand sanitiser in my bag. This smells so good too! You can also get a strawberry laces and a bubblegum one.

hand gel

Random plastic bags- These come in handy when you're out and about and need an extra bag. Also, once I've used my umbrella and it's wet, I put it in one of the plastic bags and carry the umbrella around in that instead of the rain dripping off of it everywhere.

McKenzies sniffing salts- I suffer with blackouts/fainting once in a while. Whenever I feel like I'm about to go, I have to quickly get these out and sniff them and they help. 

Deodorant- It is so handy carrying around some deodorant with me. You never know when you may need it.

I also have a pocket either side of my bag. I keep Nurofen tablets in one side and Piriton (allery tablets) in the other side. I will always need these at some point.

I hope you liked this post and have a great Easter everyone! 


  1. Lovely post and I loooove your bag :-) x

    Cup Of Simee

  2. What a lovely bag you have! It sounds like you have a very practical contents of your bag too!

    Analesha xx

    1. Thank you and yeah tell me about it haha! xx

  3. I love, love, love your bag! Did you say you saw one in color hot pink? Oh my, I might just have to search for one. I really like matching makeup bag with a pink bow, super cute. I've never thought of carrying plastic bags around, especially using it for a wet umbrella. Great idea! Hand sanitizer, lip balm and deodorant are my must-have items to carry in my bag too.

    1. Thank you and yes! The hot pink one was gorgeous, but I always have to have a black bag. It goes with everything then! :-) x