Saturday, 11 April 2015

It's ok to be unhappy!

Hello lovelies!

I'm doing a bit of a different post today. Lots of people will have their own and different opinions on this post but a few days ago I got quite upset over a few things. After a few hours of listening to music and picking myself up again I told myself that it's ok to be upset!

Life is always full of ups and downs, you never know what to expect.
Any one and every one can have multiple reasons why they're sad. That's why I say never judge anyone because you don't know their life!

it's ok to be unhappy

Keeping how you feel inside and putting a smile on your face all the time will make things worse. Ok, yes I understand that you need to keep your problems outside of work. But I've done this! 
Doing this all of the time is exhausting and people will think that you're as happy as anything. Then one day, you will just pop because you've been strong for too long!

You need to let your feelings out! I had a huge break down a couple of months ago and it was horrible! I had no idea what to do and I ended up texting my closest friend to come and meet me because I was in that much of a state. I let all my feelings out to her and it made things a lot better. I felt a lot better about myself for telling her. 

Plus, I now talk to a woman on Thursday mornings about what I'm struggling with and she is such an inspiring and helpful woman. I have also been told to go and see a doctor if I really need to because they can prescribe medication if they think I'd need it, but I think I'm ok for now.

I am going through a lot right now and I'm sure lots of other people are too!

I advise you to:

  • Talk to somebody. Whether it's your parents, teacher, partner, best friend, doctor, councillor or even your pet (pet sounds silly, but it worked for me before he died). 

  • If you want to cry, then you go ahead and cry! Don't hold your tears back. You will feel much better after letting it all out.

  • Listen to music that you love! Even try singing along to it, it will take your mind off things.

  • Leave the house. Some people like to go for a walk and get some fresh air before going back home.

  • Write a list of what makes you happy and list of what makes you sad. Then go through the sad list and think about how you can change things.

  • Arrange to go out with your family or friends - maybe see a movie or go out for a meal or even go for a road trip!

Take your mind off of things somehow but remember it is also ok to be upset whenever you need to be. Remember, if you're unhappy with a certain something you can change it.

I am not a professional but I am always here if you ever need a chat. Email me at or tweet me @megs_elizabethx

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