Tuesday, 28 May 2019

Enjoy Your Wedding Hauls Without Filling Your Home to Bursting!*


Organising your wedding can easily take over your life, with a million and one things to think about and plan. And controlling all the stuff you buy and collect for the big day can seriously drive you, and everyone around you, crazy. 

Some sort of organisation and storage system is vital. You need to know where everything is, what you already have and what you still need to get. And you need to know who is doing what and where everyone is in the planning and decision-making process. It’s a big job.

To make it a little easier, and help you get some perspective, here are a few planning and organising tips.

Delegate Tasks
Brides want the special day to be perfect, or as perfect as possible anyway. It’s a common trap to try and do it all yourself, from making gift lists to choosing the font for the invitations, to deciding on floral decorations… the decisions are endless.

If you can rope in a few friends or family members to act as planning partners or venue scouts, it can make everything a little bit easier. One very important part of delegating is having regular update meetings so everyone is aware of progress. Delegating doesn’t mean losing control. You can still have the final say, but it does mean a lot of legwork or initial searching for ideas gets done for you.

Make it easier for those helping with the planning by telling people exactly what you’re looking for. 

● Do you want ornate invitations or something clean and classical? 
● What’s your colour scheme? 
● City or country venue? 
● Formal or informal reception? 
● Type of transport for the bride or for guests between venues. 

Obviously, this is just a start. Trying to do it all yourself can be overwhelming.

Make Lists
Your first list could be a massive wish list for your ideal day. Let your dreams run riot and write everything down that you’d have in a perfect world. Starting from there, you can focus in on the closer details of what’s actually possible given your budget and any other restrictions.

The big wedding list gives you lots of headings and starting places for more specific lists. You soon realise it’s not enough to just decide you want wine with your wedding breakfast. You need to know how much, what type, and what you’ll offer as an alternative. Just about every item on the main list will need some detailed clarification.

Staying Organised
No matter how small, every single item contributes to the day as a whole. So everything needs looking after and cataloguing properly. Arm yourself with a few transparent storage boxes with lids to hold collections of items. These stack easily and safely, and you can see exactly what’s inside.

For every box, make a list of the contents and tape it onto the side. Duplicate the list to keep in a binder. If you add anything to the box, update your lists accordingly. If you have planning helpers, give them copies of any lists that relate to their tasks so they know where you’re up to.

Storing Items
As you’re likely to be collecting items over several months, it’s important to keep everything where you can find it, review your collection, add to it, or change things easily.

There are a few options:

● If your loft is clean and boarded, well-lit and damp free, it could be a possible storage area. Can you get up there easily, especially when carrying boxes?
● A spare room is also a possibility. Consider its other uses though, that might mean your wedding haul is damaged or things are lost or moved. If it’s a guest room, for instance, will you have to constantly rearrange things to accommodate guests or other family members?
● Self storage is a third option, and well worth serious consideration. A storage unit can provide a bespoke wedding area, with room for hanging rails and storage boxes. Everything stays in one place, and there’s no chance things will get muddled.

Wherever you store your wedding haul, try to avoid having small caches spread over several different areas if it’s at all possible. As the collection grows, it’s important to get an overall picture. You can make sure everything’s in keeping with your wedding theme, colours, and styles, and it’s reassuring and exciting to see your plans coming together in a physical form.

*This post is sponsored by Big Yellow Self Storage.*

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