Friday, 24 November 2017

Winter Handbag Essentials

winter handbag essentials

I have all sorts of bits and pieces in my bag all year round, but there are certain items that I need to make sure I'm stocked up on for the Winter season. 

Hand cream is an obvious 'must-have' for this time of year. The changes of the weather makes my hands really dry so I like to take some hand cream out and about with me and apply it whenever I need to. I currently have 'Soap & Glorys hand food' and 'Ted Baker hand cream.'

I have always suffered with dry lips - even in the warmer months. But, this time of the year my lips can get chapped quite easily so I like to have a tin of Vaseline in my bag. I don't actually use a lip balm, although I'd like to try the Burts Bees one to see what all the hype is about.

I don't normally use umbrellas just because they always catch the wind when I put it up and turn inside out. Then I look like a knob fighting with it on the side of the road to try and put it down. But, I always keep one handy in my bag - you never know when you'll really need it.

winter handbag essentials blog post

Duh! I usually carry about three or four dark lipsticks in my bag. Normally just so I can top up on the one I already have on throughout the day. Or, if I leave the house without any lippy on - I have a few colours handy to choose from.

You never know when you'll need a tissue. If you're ill or somebody around you is ill or even if you go to sit on a wet seat etc etc etc, tissues do the job!

I always have a pair of gloves sitting at the bottom of my bag during the Winter months. You never know when you're going to get caught in freezing temperatures and winds. I also have now started putting my bobble hat in my bag too. I have thought about putting my scarf in my bag but it would take up so much room, it would just be a nightmare. So, I'll probably leave that in my car instead.

What are your Winter essentials?


  1. Ahh I can't cope without hand cream or lip balm! Dry hands and lips are the worst! xx

    1. This time of the year is the worst for them, it's a nightmare! x