Tuesday, 21 November 2017

A Gift Guide on What to get the Men in Your Life This Christmas

Like every year, I search the internet to try and help you and myself get ideas for Christmas. Men are a bloody nightmare to buy for - especially if they don't give you any ideas as to what they'd like. So, I have found lots of different bits and pieces for the men in your life this Christmas!

gift guide for men 2017

If your boyfriend always listens to music from his phone whilst in the shower, what better idea to get him a Bluetooth in-shower speaker!? It's so much easier and waterproof! I also found this amazing self-stirring mug, how cool! If the man in your life is a gamer, then he'd be super happy to unwrap a new controller. I've also included socks in this gift guide too, because what man doesn't get socks at Christmas? 

 1. Stick on Bluetooth Shower Speaker - £14.99 
2. 5 Pack Black Next Socks - £10.00
3. Lazy Man Self Stirring Mug - £7.99 
4. I'd Agree with You Mug - £3.99
5. iTunes Voucher
6. Black Leather Popper Wallet - £18.00
7. Black and Matte Green Xbox One Controller - £74.99
8. Maca Root Grooming Kit - £25.00
9. Light Flow Cable - £9.99

christmas gift guide for men 2017

I thought that an LED desk light would be perfect for that guy who's always on his laptop/computer - especially if he uses it in the dark, he can then see his keyboard. I included Ticketmaster in last years gift guide too. I never thought of it beforehand, it's just such a good idea to get tickets to their favourite band or comedian etc. How cool is this USB cookie cup warmer though? All you do is plug it into your laptop/computer, place your cup on top and it warms it up. DVD box sets are a must for Christmas and so are portable phone chargers. They're so handy and a lot easier than carrying around a phone charger.

10. Paco Rabanne 1 Million Gift Set - £46.00
11. Navy Hoody - £29.99
12. LED Desk Lamp - £12.99
13. Ticketmaster
14. Hot Cookie USB Cup Warmer - £8.99
15. Old Skool Vans - £55.00
16. Grumpy Socks - £3.99
17. Portable Phone Charger - £7.99
18. Pirates of The Caribbean Box Set - £27.99


  1. Haha love the saying on that mug! You can't go wrong with one million can you! xx

    1. I know, everyone seems to love One Million luckily haha! And I know, I love mugs with funny sayings on them x