Friday, 13 October 2017

My Secret to Firmer Skin!

my skincare routine
As you can probably see from the pictures, this post was planned to go up end of August time, early September. Honestly? I literally forgot all about it. But, it's finally up now! After using these particular three products for ages, I can now have a little rant about them to you.

THE GALVANIC BODY SPA- I bought this a few months back when I became a distributor for NuSkin, it was on a really good offer for a limited time with the body shaping gel (in the blue tube) included. I couldn't wait to start using this as I had seen so many fantastic results over the internet. Firstly, you apply the body shaping gel to whatever part of the skin you'd like to firm. For me, it's the top of my legs and bum. You don't need a lot of this gel, a little goes a long way.

Then, you turn on the little white device and just press gently onto the skin. It automatically senses that it's on the skin and sets a five minute timer. You just rub the device lightly in circular motions until the timer runs out. Then, you start on the other leg for another five  minutes. I could definitely see a difference after using this product for a week! Just to mention, this product wasn't sponsored in any way, I'm not even a distributor for NuSkin anymore, I just love how this product works. 

how to get firmer skin

CLARINS BODY LIFT CELLULITE CONTROL- I have suffered with subtle cellulite since I was about fifteen years old. After doing quite a bit of research, I found this product which was highly recommended on the internet. I've been using this for about two years now and I love it. Obviously, it is quite pricey but it's worth the money. It's really easy to use, you simply rub the product in certain motions on the back of your legs. I use this twice a week. 

BIO-OIL- I used to hate using Bio Oil with a passion! I hated feeling 'greasy' and then putting on my clean clothes for the day ahead. I use this on my stretch marks and on the back of my legs once every night before I go to bed. Again, it has been working wonders.

What do you use for your body care?

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