Sunday, 16 October 2016

A Little Lush Haul

 I don't like spending too much in Lush as it can turn out to be super expensive. But, seeing all the Halloween and Christmas items, I couldn't resist popping into the store. I'm going to be honest, I wanted so many more products but after working out that all this would come to almost £20, I decided to stop myself there, especially as I had already spent more than half of my wages on clothes. I wanted to try the Lord of Misrule and the Autumn Leaf and so many other goodies, but I'm being good. Is anyone else like me or do you like to splash out on everything?

lush haul 2016

lush sparkly pumpkin bubble bar

Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar / £3.95
I am all out for the Autumn feels this month. Ever since I saw this cute little pumpkin, I needed it. It's so glittery and just by picking it up your hands will be covered in glitter. I honestly thought that this was going to smell of pumpkins, LOL, it doesn't. The fruity smell just makes you instantly fall in love, smelling of berries, lime and grapefruit. This bubble bar turns the water a sparkly pumpkin orange colour and makes you feel wonderfully refreshed whilst relaxing in the bath. I totally recommend this bubble bar if you're looking for something Autumnal. It's so pretty too!

lush snow fairy

Snow Fairy Shower Gel / £7.95 for 250g
I had never tried the famous Snow Fairy before, so I went out and finally purchased it. My oh my am I impressed. I bought Lush's very own bubblegum lip scrub a few weeks back and little did I know how similar the scent was to Snow Fairy. Snow Fairy is such a shimmery product and makes your skin super soft after coming out of the tub. This shower gel smells of candy floss and bubblegum, so if you love sweet scents then this one's for you.

lush candy mountain

Candy Mountain Bubble Bar / £2.95
This is perfect to use with Snow Fairy and it makes the bathroom smell beautiful. It smells of sweets and vanilla, and I love both of them, so it's the perfect scent for me. You could get about 4-5 uses out of this depending on how much bubbles you like having. Like all of Lush's other bubble bars, it makes your skin super soft and you smell amazingly sweet after.

lush father christmas review

Father Christmas Bath Bomb / £3.75
This is such a sweet smelling bath bomb but Christmas also comes to mind whilst smelling it. How it smells of Christmas, I'll never know. I was a little disappointed that Santa was pastel pink instead of a red colour, but don't let that fool you. When it fizzes around, it's a pretty pink colour and then it's almost like there's a secret bath bomb in the middle as a vibrant green colour fizzes out. This bath bomb was definitely a surprise and I was so satisfied watching it. I will doubtlessly use this on a countdown to Christmas and on Christmas Eve.

What Lush products have you bought recently?


  1. I used to hate the scent of Snow Fairy but it really grew on me, it's such a sweet scent but it's addictive!

    1. I honestly don't understand what all the hype is about. Yes it's a lovely scent and it makes you smell amazing, my review on it is completely honest. But, after all the hype about it, I expected more from the product x

  2. I have never bought anything from Lush, but I'm planning on doing it this month and I have quite a big list, but I think I'll divide it into few visits :D
    Nice picks. I would probably choose Snow Fairy :)

    xo Honey - ROYAL LIFESTYLE

    1. You'll love every Lush product that ever exists and you'll soon be addicted! x

  3. AH GOD I wish you hadn't done this post! i've been resisting temptation for so long and now I really want to buy some autumnal products :( haha

    Jess | Judy Rudy Beauty 

    1. Oh no, oops sorry! I really wanted to buy the Autumn leaf, it looks incredible x